Slow Aging Now!

What are your thoughts on aging? Most people I see in my profession as a massage therapist adamantly warn me that the aging process sucks and accept it is being normal. Well it is not normal and it is not necessary! And you can do something about. And as much as I try to advise them on things they can do to slow the process, there is simply too much information and not enough time to explain. This is why I have created the “My Body Reboot” life transformation system. The keys to aging are simple; eat well, get adequate rest/sleep, move your body, connect to source, be emotionally sound, connect with others, be positive, be adaptive, and be happy as a lark (whatever that means-hahaha)! The devil is in the details. What do you eat? How do you move your body? How do you manage stress? How do you stay positive when life is kickin’ your ass? What friends should you choose? How do you breath properly(efficiently)? What activities will energize me? A lot of people are really confused and lacking the knowledge needed to stop torturing themselves and learn how to age gracefully. Just another reason for the creation of the “My Body Reboot” life transformation system. Lots of solid information and my own personal testimony fill the pages of this simple and easy to follow system that was designed to guide people to a path of graceful aging and abundant energy and vitality well into there 100’s! I look forward to sharing this information soon. In the mean time. Start to analyze all the areas of your life and ask yourself if you could improve anything? Eat as natural as possible. Move your body in natural ways. Be thankful and show gratitude for the things in your life. Smile. Practice power poses. Meditate. Don’t just blindly follow the masses without questioning -Ask yourself: Why am I doing this? Is this in my best interest? Learn to say NO! Be kind! Keep things simple. Don’t over think. Connect to your feelings(gut). Ask yourself-Does this make me feel energized/happy/relaxed or does it drain me/depress/make me uncomfortable then choose what feels good to you. It’s not rocket science, but most people are programmed to live lifestyles that are destructive and society as a whole is contributing to the epidemic of poor health. Take control of your own well-being. Be a part of the solution by living as close to nature as possible. More to come soon on the “My Body Reboot” life transformation system. “Be good to your body and your body will be good to you”.


J. Jared Repass

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  1. Great to see you both……………..the areas I mentioned are Myakka City and Old Myakka……………..Routes to them are 70, 780 and 72…….I think….LOL……..Jerrold

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