Are you struggling with a certain
area in your life?                                    JulesCover
Do you find yourself living in somewhat of a “ground hog day” existence?
My father made reference to this by saying, ” Same game, different face.” 
In other words, it means you can not, no matter how far you run,escape away from yourself and
the choices you have made in your life.
If you are struggling with anything in life, it is essential to stop, take a deep breath, 
cease from blaming,and understand right then
and there that it is you yourself that is creating, attracting and manifesting the experiences in your life by your choices. Whether you want a love that’s true, better and perfect health, or to become more prosperously abundant, it’s all there for the taking. It all comes from within you. There are times, when life will kick you down so far, you can’t imagine which way is up. Yet just when you think it’s futile, the dark clouds dance aside and out bursts the sun with a sweet song of hope.
That is what this book is all about. “Where Hope Lives” provides solutions to despair.
Be it trust, kindness, “how to be a happy human being”, and more… the words, affirmations, and illustrations of this book will guide you, enlighten you and fill your heart with the hope & joy of a second, third or even tenth chance!!
Thank you for-giving yourself an intention to design the life you deserve. The promise of this book will set you free from the burden of life’s adversity. So enjoy the reading and applying the guidance of “Where Hope Lives”.
As you embrace your new outlook, your restored vision of what is, and what can be, this book is sure to bring you peace, and happiness.






With Love & Gratitude ,

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