Live Free

As an evolving human, I seek freedom. There are many paths to freedom, but I also wish to achieve it without disregarding Mother Nature. The good news is that it is really easy to Live more and work less. All you have to do is shift your thinking from “what do I want?”to “what do I need?”. Essentially what you are doing is simplifying your life by choosing to not be a consumer. Instead you will choose to contribute to life and make Earth a place that is beautiful and livable. When you choose to consume less, you have more money left over, when you have more money left over, you can pay your bills easier, when you pay your bills easier, you have less stress, since you have less stress you are happier, since yours bills have been reduced, you don’t have to work as hard, which in turn gives you more time to LIVE and enjoy being human, and after all, we are humanBEINGS! Start today by examining your life and see if you can break the cycle of consumption. Look at your skills and talents or “things you already have and use them as bargaining chips for “stuff” you want, instead of racking up more credit card debt. This doesn’t cost anything. Well actually it costs your labor, but if it is something you enjoy than it is just a labor of love, not a “job”! Eventually you will start to desire freedom more than “stuff” and when you get a little taste of freedom, you will want more, when you desire more, you will become more focused, present, and in the moment and this my friend, is LIVING!



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Living in Balance!

Life is a juggling act and to master it, you have to be a great manager of time and resources. To me, living in balance means that I distribute the ratio of work, play, pleasure, and family into an equal blend while meeting my  fiscal obligations and having some extra time and money for travel and to experience  life while keeping my sanity and wellness.

In the competition based world we live in, it is extremely hard to live in balance. You are forced to work hard to keep up with the Jones, which in turn takes a toll on your health and amount of quality time spent with family and friends. If you are lazy or non competitive you earn little and struggle financially. If you earn little you have to eat food that is less nutritious compromising your health. If you watch a lot of TV you get dulled down and brainwashed to the point where you will actually eat a science experiment and you are the test rat. I’ve found that the more you simplify your life, the easier it is to maintain a balance. I believe most people are wasting a lot of time and resources and causing themselves more stress than necessary. Screw the Jones’! Its time to take control of your life and start living on your own terms.


Plan your life. Start by evaluating your life. Take a close look at your typical day. Then ask yourself, How can I make this day any better? See where you are out of balance. Is it your health, too much stress, not enough family time, too much family time, not enough fun, too much fun(is that possible?). Now look at the possible solutions. If you use your mind a little it will respond in great ways. Avoid the overstimulating technologies and find some silence to allow your inner knowledge to guide you.


Find the joy of life through life itself and not the illusion of materials. A simple rule to follow is to “Do the right thing for all concerned”! The proverbial WIN/WIN times 10! If you are always doing the right thing you will never do anyone wrong and you will always take responsibility for your actions, which will lead to more friends, fewer enemies and I high self-esteem. This will allow you to always have people wanting to help you, which will make your life easier. It’s the snowball effect! And it starts with doing the right thing! SO by simplifying your life and doing the right thing you can instantly improve your quality of life and be one step closer to living in balance. Good luck. Protect your #1 asset. Your MIND!