Introducing “My Body Reboot”!

I have decided it is time to get super healthy. To stop postponing my wellness. To stop making excuses.The stars are never going to line up perfectly and life is always gonna throw a challenge  my way, so I must learn to accept and maneuver around the obstacle like water. There will always be a distraction that attempts to take my focus away and I must stick with my plan through it all, for I know it will bring me what I seek. True wellness. Continue reading

Introducing Pam Oakes, The Nekkid Chef !

Today’s Present, The Loveling…

Pam Oakes. Author of The Nekkid Chef

“I have a strong belief in the goodness of those around me and trust in the Universe which makes everyday a magical experience. 



Born and raised in Lansing, Michigan.  I graduated from Lansing Community College and received my Paramedics degreein 1982. I was the first female firefighter hired by the Lansing Fire Department in 1983.  I became a social nudist in 1993, and AANR member since 1994 and spent many happy furloughs at Turtle Lake Resort in Union City, Michigan. Continue reading