Refreshing your vibration by creating new energy !!

Hello  Lovelings,

We have been working on a big project on the outside of our home. I wanted to make some changes to enhance the visual experience on our property. The result was more than I even expected. Not only does it “look” better. But it “feels” so much better as well. The work we did was definitely a labor of love. Most everyone that sees it, has something really positive to express, and that makes me feel really happy as well. The beauty of creating change with something that benefits all, is just an added bonus. So please do tell…what kind of changes have you made, if any, to create new and positive vibrations in your own life? If you have been stifled lately I  encourage you to get right on it, because the benefits are nothing less than astounding. Even the smallest effort will make a big difference.

Shine on Loves,

Jules ♥




                                                                              New Front Porch !  








FullSizeRenderNew Landscaping : Hibiscus, Delicious Organic Herbs, Yin/Yang and of course, Love 🙂  



It’s anywhere & everywhere…what is it?

It can seem elusive… “no-where” at times, but that is just an illusion. At it’s best, it is pouring abundantly. Showing up at any given moment. Showing up at every given moment. Yes, It is everywhere and anywhere. What is it? It is Love. I have many photos to prove it and I am sharing them with you in today’s blog. I chose this day to share this with you because it is my dearest Aunty Sandy’s birthday. She gets the biggest kick from knowing that love shows up where ever I am. Sometimes love shows up intentionally for me, like when I am creating a heart shaped recipe or a work of art. However, for the most part, love just shows up, randomly , anywhere and everywhere. And it can be that way for you as well. It is not really magic. But the trick is too be in  tune with that vibration of your heart. Remember that when we perceive life through love, miracles happen effortlessly. Happy Birthday Aunty. Wait- for- it… ah ha! There it is! xoxo

                                                                                                                                                              IMG_2108  IMG_2655IMG_3109                  IMG_3160IMG_0200       IMG_2775