The benefits of being a hairstylist

I spent this day bartering. It is one of the great benefits of being a hairstylist. I had three lovely humans that I bartered with today. Leah, who is an awesome chinese medicine therapist. Lisa, the owner of She is also written in my Lovelings section of the blog. And Donavon, a very good electrician. 

Of course in an ideal world we could barter with everyone. But as we all know we still have to make money to pay our bills. Still, it feels so good to be able to trade with people sometimes. When I was a little girl, I recall how my elders would use the word money in terms of slang. They called it “bread”.  Example would be that I would hear my father say, ” I have to go to work to make some bread. And no, he was never a baker. ha! Well, there is an old saying that man cannot live on bread alone.

Bartering allows us to swim in the pool of equal sharing. We give a little, we take a little. They give a little, they take a little. And it’s all quality work. It’s a shared love made visible. In a world where cash rules, it just feels so nice sometimes to have the ability to step away from that and share something of substance. One of the ways we can exchange our gifts is through this heart felt intention. Can you find something that you can barter with another? I recommend it highly.

Shine as Love & Light

Jules ❤

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I say Tomotto…you say Tomaaato!

Anyway you slice it, the delicious lush tomato is one of natures power fruits!

Below are some fab reasons to indulge in the scrumptious juicy world of a tomato!

1. Packed with health benefits, tomatoes contain tons of Calcium which are wonderful to build and maintain strong bones.

2. Our skin is our largest organ. Tomatoes contain very high levels of lycophene. That is a substance used in some of the more expensive face creams. For a beautiful facial, slice and peel about 8 tomatoes. Then place the skin of the tomatoes on your face for about 10 to 12 minutes. Finish by washing your face with lots of water. Your face will be pretty and shiny. Continue reading

The Glory of Pasta is one of my most favorite web pages. The information they provide , in my opinion, is extremely valuable in terms of keeping us informed regarding any subject of optimal health. Below is an article on gluten. I know many people who live with Celiac disease or are gluten intolerant. Most people don’t realize how gluten can seriously affect us.  Some of us don’t even realize that gluten could be the cause of many of our ailments. I was born into an Italian family. I was taught at an early age that  food is  very important  to how we connect to each other on an emotional level. “Pasta” was perceived as some kind of ethereal omnipotent  substance. It was as if it  had the power to connect us all as a collective into one single cell of bliss. Pasta was God… and  I, for one, could not shove it all in quite fast enough to get to heaven. 🙂

And then one day I just stopped eating it. Continue reading

Extra ! Extra! Read all about it!!

I am very happy and proud to announce my up and coming e book! Whether you are a cosmetology student, barber, new hairstylist or a veteran in the industry, this book is filled with a plethora of  insights on how to be blissfully successful in the magical world of the hair . This book is my contribution to you, and has helped me to shine with pride. It should be ready to launch very soon, so make sure you keep checking into the blog for more details. Whether it’s for you, or you may decide to give it as a gift, please know that it is my honor to share this lifetime of knowledge with you. 

The book is called :

Be Here, HAIR with Jules … How to Get both Financially & Spiritually Rich Being a Hairstylist.

Below is a description of the chapters you can look forward to reading. There could be a slight possibility of a subject to change before the actual launch, however this gives you the gist :

Introduction :

“With my deepest gratitude to you for purchasing this book, I will start by introducing myself. My name is Jules. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for close to thirty years. With no regrets, I share with you that much of the time of my career was perceptively spent in a realm of what could be construed as a toxic wasteland. Before you get a complete vision where you may be questioning if you, or I for that matter, have chosen the wrong or right career, allow me to explain myself…”

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