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Live Free

As an evolving human, I seek freedom. There are many paths to freedom, but I also wish to achieve it without disregarding Mother Nature. The good news is that it is really easy to Live more and work less. All you have to do… Continue Reading “Live Free”


“Let us bathe in an ocean of courage and forgiveness. So we may cleanse the deep embedded poison , that robs us of our choice to love truly. And rather than invite the darkness that lurks solely to destroy our souls, be kind to remember… we are human.” When one lives… Continue Reading “Courage”

Spring Cleaning !

The other day, I walked around the inside of my home and something dawned on me. I have too much stuff. Freeing up energy in your home can be very liberating. I have decided that there may be a lot of people who could… Continue Reading “Spring Cleaning !”