Wellness Simplified

Wellness Simplified

Have you ever been confused by all of the mixed messages regarding healthy living. Me too, but with diligent research I’ve been able to deconstruct and simplify the basic components and I will share them with you today. When it comes down to it, health is determined by your lifestyle and choices. Continue reading

Intro to “Wealthness”

So what is Wealthness? Generally speaking it is the balance of the mind, body, and spirt resulting in overall health and freedom from disease. Dis-ease is a body that is not at ease. To achieve Wealthness you need to understand the different aspects of being healthy. In its simplest form, to be healthy you MUST eat real food, breath, drink clean water, sleep well,  and move. So how do you do this? You make a plan. You design your life and choose a strategy that works for you. To eat real food, you must stop purchasing processed/chemically laced foods and conventional meats, which are filled with antibiotics and steroids not to mention the animals are abused and the land is degraded. You will want to eat as fresh and local as possible, organic produce and grass fed animal products,  as well as some fermented foods for gut health. For more info. on awesome quality  of fermented and grass fed foods check out : Realandnourishing.com  or  http://www.marksdailyapple.com/fermented-foods-health/#axzz2iGs4uzT7.


 Breathing is vital and thus the importance of natural breathing. When you are relaxed, you breath naturally using your diaphragm and when you are stressed out you breath using your accesory muscles of the neck and chest to forcefully pull the oxygen up. This is why it is important to develop strategies of dealing with stress. A regular practice  of meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or Qi gong  is very beneficial for stress management. Drink plenty of clean water. Learn more about water at http://www.danielvitalis.com/2013/07/the-four-noble-elements-part-2-water/Getting a good night sleep is very important for body regeneration. This is the time your body cleans itself and reboots. For more on Sleep go to http://www.apa.org/topics/sleep/why.aspx?item=1Lastly, you will want to be active and move your body. The old adage, “Use it or lose it” is a true depiction of what happens when you live a sedintary life. You need energy and vitality to be healthy. You get this through physical activity. Start at you current level and get moving. If you need energy try working in by doing energy building forms of exercise such as Tai chi or Qi gong and if you have energy go workout your body. These are the foundations to health. Study and master them and you will reap the rewards of being a healthy human. Remember to “Be good to your Body and Your Body will be good to You”!

~Jared R. 

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Making Life Simple!

Life should not be  a struggle and you should feel vibrant and full of energy and vitality. So why are so many people running around stressed out and why does our society have so much disease? My guess is that people are over thinking life. If everyone would just take a deep breathe and slow down a wee bit, they would see that by simplifying there lives; life becomes more manageable.
It’s like we are the Continue reading

Ahhh, Anise

Spring is definitely in the air. Lately many of the people I see are suffering with nasty sinus headaches. I don’t claim this will work for everyone, however, I do know that the people I have shared this beautiful midwestern asian flower oil with has had nothing but the best results. It’s called Anise. It has a clean sweetness, in addition to a strong anisic (licorice-like) aroma. You can use Anise Aromatherapy Oil as a face steamer, diffuser or massage it right into your nose if you have a bad headache.  Just put a little drop or two of  Anise oil on your finger and rub into your nose as high as you can get to your sinus cavity and breathe. 🙂 I have seen it work amazingly to open up the bronchial airways within five to ten minutes for dissolving a bad sinus headache. Do have a kleenex handy however, as once that congestion breaks loose, and it will, it is liken to a water balloon that burst onto your face. It’s all good though right? After all, it beats the alternative.

Other benefits of Anise :

Anise tea for digestive issues and menstrual cramps. Anise oil for numbing a mild toothache ( is there such a thing? 😉 and you can chew on Anise Stars for sleeplessness.

Caution : Do not use Anise Essential Oil if you are pregnant. Use caution if you have hypersensitive skin or skin problems. Avoid anise oil in endometriosis and estrogen-dependent cancers. If you are pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage, have cancer, or have any other medical problem, use essential oils only under the proper guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Use extreme caution when using essential oils with children  It is safest to consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using essential oils with children. A skin patch test should be conducted prior to using an oil that you’ve never used before.

Shine as Love & Light,


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