The Gift of an Avocado Tree

We recently received a most generous gift from my beautiful sistar Teri. A 6 foot avocado tree !! I am thrilled to have this wonder of nature on my property now. I have decided to name her a Ava Theresa. For those of you that think I am a little weird from naming my avocado tree, you may not think so if you knew what an incredible blessing it is to be in possession of one of the most healthiest anti aging fruit trees on the planet. Continue reading

I say Tomotto…you say Tomaaato!

Anyway you slice it, the delicious lush tomato is one of natures power fruits!

Below are some fab reasons to indulge in the scrumptious juicy world of a tomato!

1. Packed with health benefits, tomatoes contain tons of Calcium which are wonderful to build and maintain strong bones.

2. Our skin is our largest organ. Tomatoes contain very high levels of lycophene. That is a substance used in some of the more expensive face creams. For a beautiful facial, slice and peel about 8 tomatoes. Then place the skin of the tomatoes on your face for about 10 to 12 minutes. Finish by washing your face with lots of water. Your face will be pretty and shiny. Continue reading