“Fall” in love with yourself!

IMG_3727Fall is here and the weather will soon be delightful. The Fall is a great time to reconnect with yourself. Spend some time nourishing your body, mind, and spirit and reconnecting with “YOU”. Get outside and go for a walk in nature. Eat natural food that is prepared with “Love”. Dream of the life you would like to experience in all aspects. Nurture and embrace your emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and sexual aspects and explore your inner world. get-attachment-3.aspxIn our fast paced society with technology moving lighting fast it is important to slow down and decompress. It’s like my love Jules’ father said, “Go slow, you will see better”! A good way to slow down is to reconnect to the “breath”. More on The “Breath”. I like to use the inhale-hold-exhale-hold repeat technique: You simply inhale through your nose for a 3 count, then hold for a 3 count, exhale through mouth for a 6 count, hold for a 3 count then repeat. This will totally re-energize and calm you at the same time. Time to have some fun and rediscover “You”. Your challenge: To take one day this week and make it all about “you”. This means you will make yourself the number one priority for this one day. You deserve it! I recommend choosing a non work day and I also recommend shutting down all technological devices so that you may be completely present to your wants and needs as you spend the day exploring , loving , and nourishing yourself.

“Be good your Body and your Body will be good to You!”~Jared Repass

The Power of Breath!

Breathing is the most important thing we do as humans and is vital for life to exist. Improper breathing results in insufficient oxygen to our cells and organs and causes tightness in our neck and shoulders. Most people breathe shallow because they use their chest to breathe. Proper breathing is done from your diaphragm and it is the natural way babies breathe. Somewhere along the way we forget how to breathe naturally and began to force our breath. Today you will learn how to breath deep and experience the healthy benefits of diaphragmatic breathing. Follow these steps and enjoy the power of breath.

1. Inhale through your nostrils. As you slowly inhale, place your hand on your abdomen and feel the air filling up your stomach, then up to your diaphragm (the muscle just below the lungs), into your lower chest, then to the middle of your chest, and finally reaching your upper chest.

2. Exhale through nostrils. The air will travel back down from your upper chest, to the middle chest, to the lower, and down to your stomach. Draw your stomach in towards your spine, squeezing the air out.

3. Repeat this 10 times. Do this several times throughout the day or if you are feeling tense or need an energy boost.

You will find that the more often you breath this way, the easier it gets. Eventually you will breath this way naturally without thinking about it. You can breath through your mouth as well, but when you breath through your nose the impurities in the air are filtered by the cilia in your nose.  Give it a shot . Your body will thank you. Enjoy!