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Shine as the Sun,

Shine as the one,

who can, you can,

take a stand as,


will reach for your highest star.

It may do its best

To pull you far

down below

To blind, not see

But always remember that you shall  be,


Can soar you high above,

So Shine, yes Shine,

As Light, as Life, as Love,



Introducing, “Shawn Jason”. His message is clear… I LOVE YOU PASS IT ON!

Today’s Present, The Loveling …

Shawn Jason, Creator of

” LOVE… love your Self, love your neighbour, love All that is. I feel that when more of the world is living in the energy of love, (opposite of fear), there will be a transformation of humanity

For the last few years Shawn has been fully committed to and active in creating events & projects for the greater good of all. His home base is in Ontario Canada. You may know him through The Love Crew or from the Lightworkers Of The World network which together have positively, directly touched the lives of at least 10’s of thousands of people around the world.

After learning and growing from organizing dozens of various sized events through these labels, some of which saw hundreds of warm souls attending and instigating over 100 other positive energy events to happen around the world, Shawn is expanding his reach through the new ILYPIO organization. Learn more @

ILYPIO = I Love You Pass It On ❤ Continue reading