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Earlier today I posted a photo on Jules Organic Living Facebook of my papaya tree. She has a few new babies on her and I am thrilled!!  I love, love, love, papaya. It is an amazing fruit. I find that it really helps my digestive system. I have a really happy belly after I eat it. Do you like papaya? When I mention this fruit to people, I get a lot of “ewww” faces. In other words, it isn’t their favorite. I was playing around in the kitchen one day and I created a scrumptious salsa recipe. I am sharing this with you today so you too may consider giving this beautiful fruit another chance. So ready or not, here we go!

1 medium ripe papaya

1/2 of a fresh pineapple  

4 tomatoes

1 medium onion

a hand full of cilantro

1/2 jalapeño pepper

sea salt

1 teaspoon of Spike seasoning                

Cut tomatoes and onion in half and place into the food processor  with the jalapeño pepper . Blend until semi chunky smooth. Place in a bowl. Cut pineapple and papaya into small chunks, then add that to the bowl of tomatoes. Cut up the cilantro, and ad that as well as sea salt and seasoning to the bowl of tomatoes, and stir. Wa La! Get ready for your senses to reach new heights!  And always remember, cook with…



Sunday’s Song * My Love by Puzzle

Hello Everyone. It’s been quite some time since I wrote in my blog. Due to personal reasons I had to take a sabbatical. In the past, when I would write in my blog, I took “Sundays” and dedicated that day to a beautiful piece of music to share with you. Today is Father’s Day. I thought it appropriate to re-launch my blog on this day for 2 reasons. Number one because I get to share with you a beautiful song. The second reason is that it just so happens to be the music that my father wrote. Although it is from the 1970’s,  this beautiful music, just as my father, will live on and on forever more in my heart. Happy Father’s Day! May you all dance to the song that fill your heart with Love.





Making Life Simple!

Life should not be  a struggle and you should feel vibrant and full of energy and vitality. So why are so many people running around stressed out and why does our society have so much disease? My guess is that people are over thinking life. If everyone would just take a deep breathe and slow down a wee bit, they would see that by simplifying there lives; life becomes more manageable.
It’s like we are the Read More

Beauty Tips for Staying Young

Beauty Tips for Staying Young

Staying young is a state of mind. Your thoughts and attitude have a lot to do with the way you look and feel. The affects of smiling and laughing are quite profound, plus it’s just downright fun to be in a state of joy. Happiness improves your immune system, stimulates feel good hormones such as dopamine, and sends out a good vibration throughout the planet. It also regenerates your cells and uplifts your spirit giving you more energy and zest for life.  Your attitude effects the people around you. If you are grouchy and uptight it shows in your body language and the people around you tense up because they feel uncomfortable. It makes everyone around feel guarded and does not promote the sharing, giving, or receiving of love. Instead it promotes resent and anger and all these things help to break down the immune system, are not enjoyable, steal your energy, and deplete and age you. So it is apparent that if one wished to stay young, then the individual would partake in activities that are fun and joyful and limit activities that are depleting such as arguing with a spouse or being around whiners. I realize this may be a challenge if you are surrounded by negative people in your personal life such as at work or within the family environment. To be better able to deal with others poor attitudes and to keep body functioning optimally ,I recommend getting quality sleep, eating a lot of whole foods, doing exercise, and keeping your mind and spirit refreshed through yoga or meditation. I would also recommend being touched often in a nurturing way such as through massage or hugging others. The combination of these activities work together to promote well being and ward off aging by slowing down the process. Please enjoy the journey and age gracefully.

“Love Yourself, Love the Planet”

Jared Repass~ My Body Reboot

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Fitness Tips

♥Fitness Tips♥

Fitness is a key area in the total wellness formula. I hope to inspire and encourage people to move their bodies and improve their overall health and well-being all while having fun. “Use it or lose it”. Enjoy these fitness tips. Read More

Dr. LJ’s Alkalinity Challenge

Alkalinity Challenge

July 30 – August 12, 2012

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Price for discovering that cancer cells can only proliferate in a low-oxygen, high acid environment. Most of our preferred foods that we eat on a daily basis are highly acidic. Learn some tips, tools and techniques to balance your pH and alkalize your body chemistry.

Join me on an uplifting two-week journey to improve your lifestyle and eating habits!  All of us get into “less-than-perfect” eating habits.  This is an opportunity to RECOMMIT, REFOCUS and REJUVENATE in a gentle, supportive environment — all from the comfort of your own home.

Do you have any of these symptoms or conditions?

  • Low Energy
  • Chronic Stress
  • Digestive Discomfort
  • Joint Pain
  • Post-nasal Drip or Allergy Symptoms
  • Chronic Fatigue or Stress
  • Headache and Generalized Body Aches

If you do, then Dr. LJ’s Alkalinity Challenge could transform your life! Read More

Introducing, The Love Goddess… Juno Cristi

Today’s Present, The Loveling…

Juno Cristi, Blogger, Artist, and Author of ” Drops of Petals”: Poems from the Heart

“Love is not just a word. It’s my world. It’s your world. It’s our world. Love is our true essence. Whether or not we understand it, whether or not we have faith in it, or need it, it is there. Love is always there. And even if we don’t believe in love, love believes in us. Love is all there is.”

Who is Juno Cristi? Read More

Ready to start a new fitness program?

Starting a new fitness program

With the Olympics coming up in a few weeks, now may be a great time to get back in shape. Use the inspirational stories from the athletes competing as motivation to get you started. You may not be a future olympian, but you can at least be an active adult that is doing the necessary things to keep your body healthy. The hardest part about starting a new fitness program is Read More

Jazzing up your water!

Add excitement to your water!

Staying hydrated is very important, especially in the summertime.  So why is hydration so important? I’m glad you asked. Your body is actually made up of mostly water and all of your cells, tissues, and organs need it to function properly. Water is used to remove waste, keep joints lubricated, regulate body temperature, and it is essential for life. I can see how one may get bored with plain old water, but nevertheless it must be consumed to stay hydrated. Your consumption level will change based on many factors such as your size, activity level, exposure to the elements, and so on. With this in mind you may want to add some appeal to the water to make it more drinkable.

Are you getting enough water?

Probably not considering over 70% of the population is chronically dehydrated. This can be lead to more serious problems. By leaving your body dried up you open the door to all kinds of health issues due to a compromised functioning of the vital organs such as joint problems, back pain, headaches, low energy, sleep problems, poor circulation, unhealthy stools, etc..

How to stay hydrated:

Well you definitely need to drink water and/ or fruits and veggies that contain water to stay hydrated. Why not have fun with your beverages and be creative. A blended water with your favorite natural flavors will taste good and will be more encouraging to drink. You can really have fun with and design your own beverages. I have personally did this to create a wonderful natural sports drinkI use coconut water as a base due to its high levels of minerals, then I add other fruits to enhance flavor and add more nutrition, and top it off with a high protein food source such as spinach or kale blend it and wallah! A highly hydrating and nutrient dense beverage that will restore what I have lost during exertion and help my body repair while staying hydrated.

More  Hydration Tips:

  • Drink a glass of water first in the morning and right before bed.
  • Eat foods that contain high water content.
  • Keep a water bottle with you and sip throughout the day.
  • Add a slice of lemon or lime to drink to add flavor and make less boring.
  • Limit consumption of caffeinated beverages.
  • Drink water when you feel hungry.
  • When exercising drink water before, during, and after.

“Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet”

Jared Repass~My Body Reboot

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Living Whole Foods

You may have heard the term Living Whole Foods before and wondered what does that mean and why should I consume them? Living Whole Foods are essential for life. They contain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary to sustain life. A food is considered to be whole when it is unmolested and in its natural form. Read More

A Little Girl’s Insight of Her Father’s Love

   “Fly free I say, for someday fall you may.

       Yet in my safe arms you shall always stay.”  

(Quote by me, Jules . Inspired by the love that my brother has for his child.)

It’s Father’s Day weekend.

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100 Push Up Challenge!

So why would you want to do a 100 push ups? The push up is a wonderful old fashion exercise that utilizes coordination, strength,  core power, and increases metabolism. Doing regular push ups can build confidence and improve appearance by toning the upper body and trimming the waistline. Read More