“Let us bathe in an ocean of courage and forgiveness. So we may cleanse the deep embedded poison , that robs us of our choice to love truly. And rather than invite the darkness that lurks solely to destroy our souls, be kind to remember… we are human.”

When one lives with the blessing of courage to know that the enemy is only a reflection of our own fear, then and only then can we truly know empowerment. Then will we know freedom. Read More

Sunday Song * Little Wing by The Corrs

♫♪♫♪butterflies, zebras, moonbeams and fairytales ♫♪♫♪ ….all she ever thinks about is riding with the wind.

Mother Nature v.s. Mighty Mouse

Yesterday afternoon I walked out onto my back porch and sat down at my hand painted  rainbow-colored picnic table.


I was loving the feeling of the way the air smelled so crisp and clean after the nice rain that had just passed. I could feel how happy all the plants and trees on my property were feeling, just as anyone would be after a nice cool glass of water on a hot summer day. I gazed down upon the table, and noticed a little caterpillar that could not have been more than an inch long. As I just sat there observing him, I noticed that there was something odd about his movements. It was almost as if he was jerking his body. I looked a little bit closer and that is when I saw it. Read More