Bella Fruit Art

There is an epidemic of processed sugar overload that has been going on in our country for far too long. Whether it’s traditions, such as halloween, or birthdays or any other cause of celebration, “sugar” takes the stage. Almost every day I speak to mom’s that complain that their kids are having physical and emotional issues. When I ask them about their diet. most all of them say the same thing. ” I can’t get my children to eat fruit and veggies.” I can empathize with parents regarding the challenges they face with this issue so I turned to my nine year old niece Bella for answers. AnnaBella Joy, like her name, is an absolute joy in my life. Her parents. thankfully, have raised her on lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. And even though she does indulge on the occasional processed goodie, she is completely aware of the importance of ingesting as much “real” fresh food as possible. The one thing that Bella and I do when we get together is create. We create with painting, drawing and even food. It makes sense that when a parent involves their child in something they need to change, the child is much more prone to be influenced toward a positive outcome, if the child is directly involved or has a say in the matter. It’s a win/win for both the parent and the child. One of the things that you can do to get your kids to eat better is to create something fun with food. When a child feels happy and there is a reward for the achievement, they will automatically want to do it. It will save both time and energy for you as a parent and your children will be happy and healthy.
So when you are trying to sway your children to eat better, rather than exhaust yourself with a stance of punishment for you and your child, make it fun. Shift it into an experience where you and your child are bonding for the greater good.

Live with Love,

Jules ❤

Stress Management 101!

 No need to hit the PANIC button!

OK, so you things didn’t go as planned or expected. Is that a good reason to torture yourself. Stress is by far the most damaging youth and health robber out there. Prolonged exposure to stress will destroy you. I’m not sure when this whole ” I’m stressed” trend started, but its time to let this one go. Stress is an illusion! It is a fear based projection where the individual creates a story in their mind that says ” Oh my gosh, what if this, what if that, my car is broke, I’m broke and my mortgage is due and I have no job, whatever the dilemma may be it’s still going to be the same dilemma whether you are freaking out about it or not. Don’t waste your vital energy fretting about your hopeless situation. Just accept it and move on. Life goes on and you must too. Dust yourself off and try again. Like all things in life, prevention is the prefered method of dealing with stressful situations, just avoid them by being responsible and sensible. Improving your decision-making skills is highly advised. If you have bought into the ” I’m stressed” dogma. Here are some ways to cope, in no particular order. Enjoy.

1. Take a deep breath

Breathing will help your mind and body relax and also get much-needed oxygen to your brain.

2. Phone a friend

Similar to the” Who wants to be a millionaire”  option, you can call a friend to help you get through a problem.

3. Talk it over with yourself

Ask yourself questions and try to get to the root or find a solution to the problem.

4. Listen to music

Music will help you get your mind off what is bothering and will also elevate your mood. Try classical for some improved brain functioning.

5. Eat Better

Avoid fatty greasy foods. Instead, enjoy fresh fruits and veggies or perhaps some fish to help out with brain function.

6. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Release the happy hormones.

7. Have a “Teee” (English accent)

Tea is filled with antioxidants that will help combat the effects of stress.

8. Get a Massage

Relax, unwind and get things moving and flowing better. My favorite, but I’m a little biased being that I am massage therapist.

9. Good night sleep

Getting quality sleep is very important for brain function. Shut down TVs and computers an hour before shut-eye. Wind down with some reading. Sleep allows your body to recharge. Getcha some! Sleep that is.

10. Be Mindful

Take some time to smell the roses. Do some meditation or yoga. Allow mind to rest.

11. Exercise

Be physical. Exercise increases blood flow and reduces tension. Work that stress right out of your system.

Living in Balance!

Life is a juggling act and to master it, you have to be a great manager of time and resources. To me, living in balance means that I distribute the ratio of work, play, pleasure, and family into an equal blend while meeting my  fiscal obligations and having some extra time and money for travel and to experience  life while keeping my sanity and wellness.

In the competition based world we live in, it is extremely hard to live in balance. You are forced to work hard to keep up with the Jones, which in turn takes a toll on your health and amount of quality time spent with family and friends. If you are lazy or non competitive you earn little and struggle financially. If you earn little you have to eat food that is less nutritious compromising your health. If you watch a lot of TV you get dulled down and brainwashed to the point where you will actually eat a science experiment and you are the test rat. I’ve found that the more you simplify your life, the easier it is to maintain a balance. I believe most people are wasting a lot of time and resources and causing themselves more stress than necessary. Screw the Jones’! Its time to take control of your life and start living on your own terms.


Plan your life. Start by evaluating your life. Take a close look at your typical day. Then ask yourself, How can I make this day any better? See where you are out of balance. Is it your health, too much stress, not enough family time, too much family time, not enough fun, too much fun(is that possible?). Now look at the possible solutions. If you use your mind a little it will respond in great ways. Avoid the overstimulating technologies and find some silence to allow your inner knowledge to guide you.


Find the joy of life through life itself and not the illusion of materials. A simple rule to follow is to “Do the right thing for all concerned”! The proverbial WIN/WIN times 10! If you are always doing the right thing you will never do anyone wrong and you will always take responsibility for your actions, which will lead to more friends, fewer enemies and I high self-esteem. This will allow you to always have people wanting to help you, which will make your life easier. It’s the snowball effect! And it starts with doing the right thing! SO by simplifying your life and doing the right thing you can instantly improve your quality of life and be one step closer to living in balance. Good luck. Protect your #1 asset. Your MIND!

Bye -Bye wrist and elbow pain!

Learning to take care of yourself as you age is very important. The aging process doesn’t have to be painful and discouraging. Prevention is the key and its not really that difficult. There are many strategies to maintain a young and graceful body and mind as you age, but today I will be using my background as a massage therapist to share some common posture compensations and some exercise and stretches to help alleviate wrist, elbow and arm pain. These exercises will only take 5 minutes,but will add many years of quality to your life. Enjoy and remember it takes 30 days of doing to make it a habit. The combination of these exercises will stretch the tight flexor muscles of the forearm and strengthen the weaker extensor muscles. Feel free to leave a comment.

1. The hand, finger, and forearm stretch

Extend arm with palm facing down. Use other hand and gently stretch back all the fingers. You should feel a pull into the forearm. Do this several times and then stretch the webs of the fingers by seperating each finger also pull each finger back to stretch the hand flexors. This will loosen the bones and joints of the wrist and hands and also stretch the forearm. Good for arthritis and carpal tunnel.

2. The pronator stretch

Bend elbow to 90 degrees, palm up. Place other hand on back of this hand with index finger between thumb and index finger of the hand to be stretched. Gently turn palm down (pronate) for 5 to 10 seconds against slight resistance. Then actively turn palm up (supinate)for 2 seconds gently assisting stretch.

3.  Strengthening The wrist and hand extensors

Using a thera-band or similar stretchy material. Wrap band around hand and use other hand to anchor the ends. Extend fingers and the wrist for 2 seconds then relax. Repeat 8 – 10 times.

4. Strengthening the forearm supinator

Wrap thera-band around palm of hand up to the thumb. Take the excess band with the other hand and hold with firm pressure. The starting position will be as if you were going to shake someones hand. Then you will resist against your hand as you turn it up. Hold for 2 seconds, relax, repeat 8 – 10 times.


Jared’s Juice

Jared’s Juice 

This power drink is easily made at home and can be carried with you through out the day. It’s designed to replenish minerals lost during physical exertion and will also help to re-hydrate your body. It works similar to Gatorade without all the artificial inGREEDients. To your health!


One liter bottle

2 cups of filtered water

2 cups of Coconut water

1/2 cup of Cilantro

One whole Lime

1/2 medium cucumber

1/4 tsp. Salt

1/4 cup of fresh Pineapple

two cups of Ice

In a blender, mix all ingredients on high, pour all into a liter bottle or nice glass and enjoy!

Believe in yourself!

Jump start your confidence by following these 10 guidelines.

1. Dress Sharp Look good

Although clothes don’t make the man, they certainly affect the way he feels about himself. No one is more conscious of your physical appearance than you are. When you don’t look good, it changes the way you carry yourself and interact with other people. Use this to your advantage by taking care of your personal appearance. In most cases, significant improvements can be made by bathing and shaving frequently, wearing clean clothes, and being cognizant of the latest styles.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot on clothes. One great rule to follow is “spend twice as much, buy half as much”. Rather than buying a bunch of cheap clothes, buy half as many select, high quality items. In long run this decreases spending because expensive clothes wear out less easily and stay in style longer than cheap clothes. Buying less also helps reduce the clutter in your closet.

2. Put a pep in your step Have some enthusiasm

One of the easiest ways to tell how a person feels about herself is to examine her walk. Is it slow? tired? painful? Or is it energetic and purposeful? People with confidence walk quickly. They have places to go, people to see, and important work to do. Even if you aren’t in a hurry, you can increase your self confidence by putting some pep in your step. Walking 25% faster will make to you look and feel more important.

3. Maintain Good Posture Stand Tall

Similarly, the way a person carries herself tells a story. People with slumped shoulders and lethargic movements display a lack of self confidence. They aren’t enthusiastic about what they’re doing and they don’t consider themselves important. By practicing good posture, you’ll automatically feel more confident. Stand up straight, keep your head up, and make eye contact. You’ll make a positive impression on others and instantly feel more alert and empowered.

4. Make a Personal Commercial/or listen to Tony Robbins

One of the best ways to build confidence is listening to a motivational speech. Unfortunately, opportunities to listen to a great speaker are few and far between. You can fill this need by creating a personal commercial. Write a 30-60 second speech that highlights your strengths and goals. Then recite it in front of the mirror aloud (or inside your head if you prefer) whenever you need a confidence boost.

5.  Be Grateful  Have an attitude of Gratitude

When you focus too much on what you want, the mind creates reasons why you can’t have it. This leads you to dwell on your weaknesses. The best way to avoid this is consciously focusing on gratitude. Set aside time each day to mentally list everything you have to be grateful for. Recall your past successes, unique skills, loving relationships, and positive momentum. You’ll be amazed how much you have going for you and motivated to take that next step towards success.

6. Compliment other people

When we think negatively about ourselves, we often project that feeling on to others in the form of insults and gossip. To break this cycle of negativity, get in the habit of praising other people. Refuse to engage in backstabbing gossip and make an effort to compliment those around you. In the process, you’ll become well liked and build self confidence. By looking for the best in others, you indirectly bring out the best in yourself.

7. Be in the front row Always sit near the action

In schools, offices, and public assemblies around the world, people constantly strive to sit at the back of the room. Most people prefer the back because they’re afraid of being noticed. This reflects a lack of self confidence. By deciding to sit in the front row, you can get over this irrational fear and build your self confidence. You’ll also be more visible to the important people talking from the front of the room.

8. Speak up

During group discussions many people never speak up because they’re afraid that people will judge them for saying something stupid. This fear isn’t really justified. Generally, people are much more accepting than we imagine. In fact most people are dealing with the exact same fears. By making an effort to speak up at least once in every group discussion, you’ll become a better public speaker, more confident in your own thoughts, and recognized as a leader by your peers.

9. Work out Stay active and Fit

Along the same lines as personal appearance, physical fitness has a huge effect on self confidence. If you’re out of shape, you’ll feel insecure, unattractive, and less energetic. By working out, you improve your physcial appearance, energize yourself, and accomplish something positive. Having the discipline to work out not only makes you feel better, it creates positive momentum that you can build on the rest of the day.

10. Focus on contribution

Too often we get caught up in our own desires. We focus too much on ourselves and not enough on the needs of other people. If you stop thinking about yourself and concentrate on the contribution you’re making to the rest of the world, you won’t worry as much about you own flaws. This will increase self confidence and allow you to contribute with maximum efficiency. The more you contribute to the world the more you’ll be rewarded with personal success and recognition.

Time for a Spring cleaning!For your Body that is.

Spring time is coming and this is the perfect time to begin a detox cleanse. Your bodies are exposed to all kinds of toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breath, and the stress of living. This exposure to hazardous materials takes its toll on our bodies and overworks our organs that are trying desperately to keep us clean. This is why it is so important to detox once or twice a year. Especially the liver, since it is the main filtering organ.  The more exposure a person has to harmful substances the more the need for a cleanse.  So I highly recommend doing a liver cleanse or a full body cleanse. We also get rid of waste through sweat and urine so I suggest drinking plenty of fluids especially detox herbs and teas and engaging in activities that produce sweating. Limit your exposure to artificial substances, eat organic fruits and vegetables, and exercise regularly and reap the rewards of looking and feeling great. Below is a list of beneficial herbs, foods, and strategies for cleansing. Enjoy. I hope you find this information useful  and  I encourage you to start living a cleaner, well balanced life.

3 great exercises for detox

Walking/Running: cardio & perspiration 

Rebounding: moves lymph

Swimming/cycling: cardio & perspiration

Best Detox Foods


Fruits are extremely high in liquid-content, helping the body wash out toxins. They are also very easy to digest and are high in antioxidants, nutrients, fiber and many important vitamins like vitamin C.

 Green Foods

Detox Foods Spinach

When you are ready to detox your body, fill your refrigerator with blue green algae, barley, wheatgrass, kale, spinach, spirulina, alfalfa, chard, arugula or other organic leafy greens. These plants will help give a chlorophyll-boost to your digestive tract.

Chlorophyll rids the body of harmful environmental toxins from smog, heavy metals, herbicides, cleaning products and pesticides. They also aid the liver in detoxification.

 Lemons, Oranges & Limes

Detox Foods Lemon

These citrus-wonders aid the body in flushing out toxins, as well as jump-start the digestive tract with enzymatic processes. They also aid the liver in its cleansing processes. To increase detoxification, start each morning with a warm glass of lemon water.

Remember, vitamin C is one of the best detox vitamins around, as it transforms toxins into digestible material. Eat vitamin c foodsoften to help get more of these benefits.

Detox Foods Garlic


This pungent little bulb is one of the best detox foods out there. It helps stimulate the liver into producing important detoxification enzymes that will help filter out toxic residues in the digestive system. We recommend adding sliced or cooked garlic to any dish, as this will help aid any detox diet.


Broccoli Sprouts

Extremely high in antioxidants, broccoli sprouts can help stimulate the detoxification enzymes in the digestive tract like none-other. The sprouts are actually more effective than the fully-grown vegetable, despite the picture on the right.

Green Tea Detox

 Green Tea

Packed full of antioxidants,green tea not only washes toxins out of the system through its liquid content, but also contains a special type of antioxidant called catechins, known to increase liver function.

Mung Beans

Mung Beans

The mighty mung bean has been used by Ayurvedic doctors for thousands of years. It is incredibly easy to digest, and absorbs toxic residue on the sides of the intestinal walls.

Raw Vegetables

Detox Foods

Best for juicing detox regimens or eaten raw: Onions, carrots, artichoke, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, garlic, beet, turmeric, and oregano. The combination of these foods will help your liver purge toxins during the cleansing process. These are high in naturally occurring sulphur and glutathione. Sulphur helps the liver detoxify harmful chemicals.

 Seeds & Nuts


Incorporate more of the easily digestible seeds and nuts into your diet. This include flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, Siberian cedar nuts and sunflower seeds. While detoxing, avoid nut butters.


 Omega-3 Oils

Use hemp, avocado, olive oils or flax seed oil while detoxing. This will help lubricate the intestinal walls, allowing the toxins to be absorbed by the oil, and eliminated by the body.

Herbs and there function

Laxatives and diuretics herbs

  • Licorice root
  • Psyllium seed
  • Alfalfa
  • Yucca root
  • Violet leaf
  • Guar gum
  • Marshmallow root

Herbs that provide support to the liver

  • Cascara sagrada bark
  • Milk thistle seed
  • Dandelion

Parasite expeller herbs

  • Black walnut hull
  • Pumpkin seed

Herbs that soothe irritated digestive and urinary tracts

  • Irish Moss
  • Passion flower leaf

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herbs

  • Witch hazel bark, twigs, and leaves
  • Capsicum
  • Gentian root
  • Cranberry

Multipurpose herbs ( Demulcents, blood purifiers, energizers, laxatives and diuretics)

  • Horsetail
  • Slippery elm bark
  • Mullein leaf
  • Black cohosh
  • Burdock root
  • Echinacea
  • Fennel seed
  • Fenugreek
  • Ginger root
  • Papaya

10 reasons to smile!

1. Smiling Makes Us Attractive

We are drawn to people who smile. There is an attraction factor. We want to know a smiling person and figure out what is so good. Frowns, scowls and grimaces all push people away — but a smile draws them in. Smile to look better.

2. Smiling Changes Our Mood

Next time you are feeling down, try putting on a smile. There’s a good chance you mood will change for the better. Smiling can trick the body into helping you change your mood. Smile to feel better.

3. Smiling Is Contagious

When someone is smiling they lighten up the room, change the moods of others, and make things happier. A smiling person brings happiness with them. Smile lots and you will draw people to you. Smile to spread joy.

4. Smiling Relieves Stress

Stress can really show up in our faces. Smiling helps to prevent us from looking tired, worn down, and overwhelmed. When you are stressed, take time to put on a smile. The stress should be reduced and you’ll be better able to take action. Smile to relax.

5. Smiling Boosts Your Immune System

Smiling helps the immune system to work better. When you smile, immune function improves possibly because you are more relaxed. Prevent the flu and colds by smiling. Smile to strengthen your bodies defense.

6. Smiling Lowers Your Blood Pressure

When you smile, there is a measurable reduction in your blood pressure. Give it a try if you have a blood pressure monitor at home. Sit for a few minutes, take a reading. Then smile for a minute and take another reading while still smiling. Do you notice a difference? Smile to flow.

7. Smiling Releases Endorphins, Natural Pain Killers and Serotonin

Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin. Together these three make us feel good. Smiling is a natural drug. Smile to feel good.

8. Smiling Lifts the Face and Makes You Look Younger

The muscles we use to smile lift the face, making a person appear younger. Don’t go for a face lift, just try smiling your way through the day — you’ll look younger and feel better. Smile for youthfulness.

9. Smiling Improves Self Image

Smiling people appear more confident, are more likely to be promoted, and more likely to be approached. Put on a smile at meetings and appointments and people will react to you differently. Smile for more success.

10. Smiling Helps You Stay Positive

Try this test: Smile. Now try to think of something negative without losing the smile. It’s hard. When we smile our body is sending the rest of us a message that “Life is Good!” Stay away from depression, stress and worry by smiling. Smile for maintaining a great attitude.

Are you choosing the right products for your hair and body?

What is Organic?

Organic (adj.): relating to or employing agricultural practices that avoid the use of synthetic chemicals in favor of naturally occurring pesticides, fertilizer, and other growing aids.

Why should you be using organic products as a hairstylist? Why is it so much better for you and the client? How much do you value your well being?

We should all be concerned about what we put in and on our bodies!  Studies have shown that 60% of what we put on our skin will be absorbed into our system.  Most women use as many as 17 beauty products a day. That adds up to 50 lbs of chemicals in a single year!  Researchers now believe that 85-95% of cancer can be traced to environmental exposure from foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the chemicals we are exposed to.


The great part is we have options!  We must simply choose foods and beauty products that have the ability to improve our health not harm it!  Some organic products can be a bit more costly however the money that we save staying healthier and happier makes up for the differance!  Everytime that we purchase an organic product, we are supporting the small farmers and family owned companies that help to make America Great!  Each time we choose an organic product,  we are helping to bring healthy living into the main stream and lower the prices! Take care of yourself and each other, use organic products whenever possible and avoid using toxic chemicals. You will want to avoid the following if possible:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Laureth Sulfate: These harsh derergents are used in shampoos for their cleansing and foam-building properties.  Often derived from petroleum, these synthetic ingredients can cause eye irritation, scalp irritaion, and tangled hair.  SLS and SLES are used in car washed, as garage floor cleaners, and asengine degreasers.

Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl): These preservatives are used as inhibitors of microbial growth and to extend the shelf life of products.  These chemicalpreservatices have been identified as estrogenic and disruptive of normal hormone function, and exposure to external estrogens has been shown to be linked to breast cancer.

Propylene Glycol (PG) or Butylene Glycol (BG): Are derived from petroleum.  They penetrate the skin and can weaken protein and cellular structure.  Commonly used to carry extracts into formulas.  PG is strong enough to remove barnacles from boats.Also used as a surfactant or wetting agent, PG is an active ingredient in industrial antifreeze.

Synthetic Colors and Dyes: Used to make cosmetics “pretty,” synthetic colors and dyes are labeled as FD&C or D&C followed by a color and a number.  Green No. 6. Synthetic colors are made from coal tar and contain heavy metal salts that deposit toxins into the skin, causing irritation.  Animal Studies have shown almost all synthetic colors and dyes to be carcinogenic.

Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA): These ingredients are synthetic emulsifiers and/or foaming agents.  They are highly acidic and can cause allergic reactions, eyue irritation, and dryness of hair and skin. DEA and TEA are ammonia compounds wich are potent carcinogens.

Naked Hair!


75% of people suffer from this! Are you one?

Hydration 101:     

Did you know that most people are chronically dehydrated? This is a huge problem in our culture as the body is made up of mostly water and therefore requires a sufficient amount to carry out vital functions such as breathing and brain activity. Water is the basis of all life and that includes your body. Your muscles that move your body are 75% water; your blood that transport nutrients is 82% water; your lungs that provide your oxygen are 90% water; your brain that is the control center of your body is 76% water; even your bones are 25% water.

  •  Water serves as a lubricantDehydration color chart
  • Water forms the base for saliva
  • Water forms the fluids that surround the joints.
  • Water regulates the body temperature, as the cooling & heating is distributed through perspiration.
  • Water helps to alleviate constipation by moving food through the intestinal tract and thereby eliminating waste – the best detox agent.
  • Water helps to regulate metabolism

In addition to the daily maintenance of our bodies, water also plays a key role in the prevention of disease. Drinking eight glasses of water daily can decrease the risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50% and it can potentially even reduce the risk of breast cancer. If your having trouble reading this, then drink up because you are probably dehydrated.

Are you bored with plain old water? Try these fun hydrating beverages to add a little excitement to your drinking experience. Enjoy!

1.) 8 oz. purified H2O, 2 slices of cucumber(the cucumbers must soak for a few hours to flavor the water)

2.) 6 oz. purified H2O, 2 0z. organic cherry juice, wedge of lime, wedge of orange

3.) 8 oz. purified H2O, lemon wedge, fresh ginger slivers

“Lily Love’s version of the downward dog pose”!

Lily enjoying some baby yoga.