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Sunday’s Song * Harvest Moon by Neil Young

The moon is exceptionally bright tonight. Dance, sing and shine on !! With Love, Jules   

Sunday’s Song * My Love by Puzzle

Hello Everyone. It’s been quite some time since I wrote in my blog. Due to personal reasons I had to take a sabbatical. In the past, when I would write in my blog, I took “Sundays” and dedicated that day to a beautiful piece… Continue Reading “Sunday’s Song * My Love by Puzzle”

A Little Girl’s Insight of Her Father’s Love

   “Fly free I say, for someday fall you may.        Yet in my safe arms you shall always stay.”   (Quote by me, Jules . Inspired by the love that my brother has for his child.) It’s Father’s Day weekend.

Sunday’s Song…Eliah Levy, Conciertos de Luna en La Alcazaba

This is just soooo lovely. Shine as Love & Light, Jules 

Day Dreaming

 Hi Everyone, I have been blogging a lot for the past couple of months. So I sat down to write today and even though I could have chosen from an array of topics, I decided to just write about dreaming… day dreaming that is.… Continue Reading “Day Dreaming”

Sunday’s Song * Summer Breeze by Jason Mraz

Shine ❤

Sunday’s Song: A Mother’s Love by Jim Brickman

Today I honor all the makers of miracles, the life givers of this planet earth. Happy Mother’s Day. With Love, Jules 

Happy Mothers Day Hummingbird.

I wrote this in 2009. I am just now finding the courage to share it. It’s Mothers day weekend and I hope that you all enjoy reading this as much as I did remembering why I love my grama so much. She was by… Continue Reading “Happy Mothers Day Hummingbird.”

Sunday’s song : Tribute to MCA by Coldplay RIP, MCA ❤ Shine!

Sunday’s Song * Ready for Love by India.Arie Happy Sunday Everyone!  Make sure you dance today. Dance with yourself, your husband, wife, girl, lover, children, parents, dog or a pillow. It matters not…just dance.  Shine as Love & Light, Jules 

Human Kindnessessary :)

Kindness is one step from which you can reap great benefits. The rewards are sweeter than the most incredible chocolate bar you have ever tasted.

Sunday’s Song It’s Sunday Song day! Today’s song is : My Valentine. witten by Paul McCartney. Featuring Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp. Shine as Love & Light, Jules