The benefits of being a hairstylist

I spent this day bartering. It is one of the great benefits of being a hairstylist. I had three lovely humans that I bartered with today. Leah, who is an awesome chinese medicine therapist. Lisa, the owner of She is also written in my Lovelings section of the blog. And Donavon, a very good electrician. 

Of course in an ideal world we could barter with everyone. But as we all know we still have to make money to pay our bills. Still, it feels so good to be able to trade with people sometimes. When I was a little girl, I recall how my elders would use the word money in terms of slang. They called it “bread”.  Example would be that I would hear my father say, ” I have to go to work to make some bread. And no, he was never a baker. ha! Well, there is an old saying that man cannot live on bread alone.

Bartering allows us to swim in the pool of equal sharing. We give a little, we take a little. They give a little, they take a little. And it’s all quality work. It’s a shared love made visible. In a world where cash rules, it just feels so nice sometimes to have the ability to step away from that and share something of substance. One of the ways we can exchange our gifts is through this heart felt intention. Can you find something that you can barter with another? I recommend it highly.

Shine as Love & Light

Jules ❤

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Mastey Teinture “Zero Ammonia Hair Color”

I went to a really fun hair coloring class at Stasia’s Organic Element Salon. The star hair color used  on our models today is called Mastey Teinture. It’s a beautiful color line that is safe, made with natural ingredients such as grape seed oil and zero ammonia . In the near future I will be posting more on Mastey Teinture and it’s reputable company from which is has been created. Also keep your eyes open for the up and coming interview that will be posted from Stasia and her beautiful Organic Salon located in South Tampa, Florida.

Shine as Love & Light,


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Naturally Homemade Pina Colada Shampoo Recipe

Today I am sharing with you a scrumptious homemade shampoo recipe that smells good enough to drink…but don’t. 🙂 Just use it on your hair. You can double this recipe if you wash your hair everyday or have more family members using it.

Pina Colada Shampoo :

Ingredients :

One attractive glass bottle (  or you can use an old shampoo bottle.)

one cup of  organic coconut milk ( rich in vitamins & minerals, in addition to being a great moisturizer)

one ounce of Liquid Castile Soap ( makes bubbles! )

1/2 ounce of olive oil (  anti-inflammatory )

12 drops of Pineapple Aromatherapy oil. ( Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and improves circulation )

Poor Castile soap in the bottle first. Then add olive oil, and mix. Add your pineapple oil and then your coconut milk. You hair will feel like it’s on a beach in the caribbean ! AHHHH. 🙂

Shine as Light & Love,


Organic VS. Conventional

Why is it so important to buy organic? For me the number one reason is that it helps heal the planet. In addition, it also tastes better and is has more nutrient density, but that’s besides the point. Conventionally grown crops use soil amendments, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, and all sorts of other toxic and harmful chemicals that pollute us and our environment. Conventional farming also relies heavily on crude oil and natural gas to run equipment and make fertilizers. More oil = More War. If you don’t care about your own health, what about your loved ones or the future inhabitants of this planet. What kind of world will future generations be left with. Every time you buy organic you are voting. You are saying that you care for the earth and want to see it thrive and be alive.


When you buy conventionally you are saying the earth doesn’t matter and you do not mind living in a plastic artificial world where you are forced to wear oxygen masks and strange suits made of synthetic materials to sustain life.


You can make a difference starting now by taking responsibility for your personal impact on the planet and the choices you make. An easy shift you can start out with is to buy organic and buy local when possible. Think of the big picture. Where is this product coming from? How is it produced? Where will it go after being used? Does it decompose? Remember..Less is more. Natural is preferred to synthetic. Be a savvy shopper!  GO Green GO Organic! If you have questions regarding where and how to begin with an organic lifestyle, is a really good source to look into. Especially if you are in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Please don’t let the word “Organic” intimidate you. There are so many ways to live this lifestyle and do it affordably. Remember if you have any questions, Please don’t hesitate to send us an email. We will be happy to get back to you with an answer soon.

“Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet”

Jared~ My Body Reboot