Prioritizing “YOU”: My Body Reboot style!!

Prioritizing “YOU: My Body Reboot Style!!

There is only one “YOU”, and if you plan on living a long and happy life, you will need to start making “YOU” a priority. There are many benefits you will receive, treating yourself with love and compassion and being a steward of your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Lets get started. Here is the “MY BODY REBOOT” approach to creating a new “YOU” through lifestyle modifications geared to increase your Energy/Vitality, help with stress management, and improve your GUT. My Body Reboot is a Total Wellness System I’m creating that incorporates all aspects of health to inform, inspire, and demonstrate a viable path to health for those who wish to live long healthy lives and slow down the effects of aging. Here we go.


   DIET: The food you eat and the ways in which you move will create the physical body. I have found it essential to move and eat as naturally as possible. I always like to take the sliding scale approach. Which means there is an optimal way and a worse possible way and your way which is somewhere in the middle. In this approach, you take where you are and without judgment or self hate begin to move towards the optimal. In the case of food the most optimal would be the one that is closest to wild for food and water. This means spring water rising up from the ground for your water source would be optimal and city water with fluoride, bleach, and who knows what else would be a low choice. So you may want to use a Reverse Osmosis machine to purify your water as a middle choice. For food, wild food that grows by itself in nature contains the highest amount of nutrition and processed food that is made in a lab is a very low grade food that is harmful to your body. Organic food would be an upgrade from conventional food. Always take where you are and try to move towards optimal.

      High quality foods List:

  • FATS- Avocado, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Fish(wild caught), Fish oil, Seeds, Nuts, Butter(Grass Fed)
  • PROTEINS- Eggs,  Seafood, Beans/Legumes, Poultry, Beef, Lamb, Pork  (Grass fed and pastured of course)
  • GREENS/VEGGIES- Dark leafy greens- Kale, Spinach, Arugula, Swiss Chard/ Sprouted Grasses & micro- greens- clover,broccoli, alfalfa, etc./ Sea Vegetables- nori,wakame,kelp, dulse/ cruciferous- broccoli, cabbage, caulaflour/ Asparagus/ Rainbow of Colorful local Veggies from you particular region.
  • GRAINS- Einkorn Whole Wheat, Quinua, Whole Grains, Wild Rice
  • SWEETNERS- Honey, Banana, Dates, Stevia
  • CULTERED/FERMENTED FOODS- Saurkraut, kefir, fermented veggies, and Probiotics

      Low quality foods List:

  • PROCESSED FOODS- food like substances made in lab, preservatives, artificial flavors, 95% of food at grocery store.
  • SUGAR- High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar(its GMO unless labeled cane sugar), To much sweet fruits
  • CARBS- Bread with gluten, pasta
  • GMO’s- Corn, Soy, Papaya, Canola, Sugar Beets, Alfalfa. These ingredients are in most grocery food. Alfalfa is fed to dairy cows so add milk, butter, and yogurt to this list.

TIP:A good rule to follow is to not eat any carbs or sugar after 6 p.m and not before noon the following day. This is a form of fasting known as Intermittent Fasting. This will allow your body to utilize the sugars and burn them instead of letting them ferment and turn to mold and yeast inside your body. Keep your colon clean!


The body was designed to move naturally as if we were part of nature and the natural world. We have created a human zoo that doesn’t really resemble our natural home ” the wild”, so we have began to degenerate due to living a life of “comfort”. It’s more apparent in the more affluent countries as they have become the laziest. The poor countries still have to walk miles to fetch some water and carry it back to there village and there diets are more plant based so naturally they have stronger bodies and less disease. It’s time for our culture to get off there ass and move. The ancient chinese practice of QI GONG(Cultivation of Energy) is a moving a meditation that re-energizes you by releasing stuck energy and allowing pure energy to flow more freely. I encourage everyone to start a Qi Gong practice. It’s low impact and increases vitality and can be used to heal yourself and others. The other activity I would suggest is to get outside and observe what children do and copy them. They are still somewhat wild as they have not yet become products of society. Run, jump, climb, swim, just “move it or lose it”!


The Conscious Mind:

The part of your mind used for rational thought. This is the knowledge part of the mind. Read and learn as many topics as your heart desires. Learn a new skill or a new language. Actively engage your brain in thoughtfulness.

The Sub-conscius Mind:

Complicated subject that will need more in depth discussion in the future.The part of the mind that controls your underlying perspectives and views of the world. Reprogram your subconscious through techniques such as Psyche-K, tapping, subliminal audio, or repetative use of affirmations.


Meditation/ Affirmations/ EFT-TAPPING/ Listening to audio while you go to sleep


The SOUL is your inner divinity or spirit. To cultivate the SOUL you must have pure intention. Love is the language of the SOUL. When you learn to love purely without expecting something in return your spirit grows. Having gratitude and being grateful for your life also feeds the SOUL. ” I’m a SOUL – MAN or SOUL-WOMAN” is now your motto!

“Heal yourself, Heal the Planet”~ Jared R.FullSizeRender-2

2 Comments on “Prioritizing “YOU”: My Body Reboot style!!

  1. Good Morning, Good info……………..I’m in Colorado on my way to my son’s farm in Washington………he’s a prepper and got me doing all sorts of things for myself including cutting my own hair but last night, I checked the finished product and it was not pretty so It’s back to Jules in the Fall……….I missed seeing you all this past season……Hope all is well ………..



    • Hi Jerrold !
      It’s is wonderful to hear from you ! I am so looking forward to our time together in the fall. Safe travels to you, and sending lots of love. ❤

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