Refreshing your vibration by creating new energy !!

Hello  Lovelings,

We have been working on a big project on the outside of our home. I wanted to make some changes to enhance the visual experience on our property. The result was more than I even expected. Not only does it “look” better. But it “feels” so much better as well. The work we did was definitely a labor of love. Most everyone that sees it, has something really positive to express, and that makes me feel really happy as well. The beauty of creating change with something that benefits all, is just an added bonus. So please do tell…what kind of changes have you made, if any, to create new and positive vibrations in your own life? If you have been stifled lately I  encourage you to get right on it, because the benefits are nothing less than astounding. Even the smallest effort will make a big difference.

Shine on Loves,

Jules ♥




                                                                              New Front Porch !  








FullSizeRenderNew Landscaping : Hibiscus, Delicious Organic Herbs, Yin/Yang and of course, Love 🙂  



7 Comments on “Refreshing your vibration by creating new energy !!

  1. Thank you for your inspiring post and for the lovely photos of your home and garden improvements. Your work to beautify your place took a lot of time and effort to do, but as you say, every minute of effort is paid in satisfaction from the achievement and joy from the beauty!

  2. Oh Jules {and Jared}, it’s beautiful … can’t wait to see it in person. Hugs, Torrey

  3. You two have been busy this summer! Such a nice job on everything! What a joy it must be to drive up to your hacienda/ Thank you for the blog post; I always look forward to them, as they are filled with positive energy and/or just dang good information. ~~ Lovin’ your new new porch, and Jules inspired/designed landscaping! Wowzee. Rock on Jules and Jared!!

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