Spiritual Meaning of a Planthopper Nymph



  For those of you that have seen the film Avatar, the precious Planthopper Nymph is very much a kin to Eywa, the guiding force of Pandora and the Na’vi. The Na’vi believe that Eywa keeps the eco system in perfect equilibrium. Yet unlike the Eywa that floats through the air with subtle delight, entering to aid with healing light of the universe, the Planthopper Nymph’s fate is earthbound. 

At first glance you may mistake the Planthopper Nymph as beautiful willowy flowers sticking to the sides of sacred trees. However,  as they begin to move, your perception receives the dawning glimpse of a most joyful encounter.  Much like a grasshopper they walk slowly, and with a softly brushed stroke of your fingers, they even hop. If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with one of these gentle creatures of nature, be sure to know that your heart will soon be filled with one of the best natural medicines our earth has to offer. And that of course is, you guessed it… laughter!!!  You see, it is nearly impossible to resist even a mere giggle with the meeting of such a charming gift of nature. And so with childlike wonder, we just cannot contest what draws us to feel the bubbles, and what amuses us in our moments. The comical Planthopper Nymph oddly compares to a snowflake in the summertime, or the brightness of a jasmine flower that can play hop scotch. And of course, the sight of that rainbow is really bumming me out, said… No. One. Ever. 🙂 

Get your giggles on !
Live as Love,

2 Comments on “Spiritual Meaning of a Planthopper Nymph

  1. “….Yet unlike the Eywa that floats through the air with subtle delight, entering to aid with healing light of the universe, the Planthopper Nymph’s fate is earthbound…”
    What an uplifting post.
    I hope someday to cross paths with a planthopper nymph, aka a “snowflake in the summertime”, or ta “hopping, bright jasmine flower”. ❤

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