Nutrition Simplified!

With so many fad diets and philosophies on nutrition it may seem overwhelming to figure out what to eat. So I thought I would make it easy. If it comes from a box or package it is not real food and you can just avoid all of the items from this category. This means when you are at the grocery store you can just walk the perimeter where the “real” food is located. It is preferred that you eat local produce and grass fed – free range animal products.get-attachment-14.aspxSo you want to eat a large quantity of fresh in season vegetables and some fruit as well as lots of FAT. Yes, I said fat. FAT is a superior energy source and should be consumed often. Your best sources for fat are Coconut oil, Eggs, Fish, Avocado, and Nuts. You may want to get a high power blender such as a nutribullet, vitamix. or blendtec. With the blender, you can make yummy drinks that are packed with nutrition. get-attachment-12.aspxHave fun and experiment with different concoctions. Greens are a great source of vitamins and minerals, berries are packed with antioxidants, and there are many super foods you can add to enhance the quality of the beverage.get-attachment-7.aspx I like to use a nut milk such as almond which has a good amount of fat, then I will add some greens, some berries, some flax and chia seed, and lots of super foods such as Maca, raw cacao, some coconut oil(more fat), lots of spices:turmeric/salt/cinnimon/lucuma/cardoman/and whatever else I think will spice up the drink.get-attachment-13.aspx When you eat real food, your body loves you and gives you energy and vitality. When you eat processed foods and lots of sugar/carbs, your body says wtf? So the point is, love yourself and your body because you only have one!! A lot of people put more effort into maintaining a car than they do for their own vehicle (their body) that will have to get them through life. Cherish your health! The next important issue is hydration. Most people are in a chronic state of dehydration. Staying hydrated is super important. Chronic dehydration will cause inflammation, joint pain, back pain, poor cellular nutrition, and many other health issues. get-attachment-10.aspxI like to add some sea salt to my filtered well water to remineralize it to make it more like a natural spring water since H20 is a non living laboratory substance designed for science and not human consumption. The salt charges the water and makes it more quenching. Just a pinch will do. Try adding a pinch of salt to your water and see what a difference it makes. Our bodies are composed of 70-80 % water, so it is important to drink plenty of high quality H2o not that fluoridated-chloronated stuff. Find a good spring water source or use a reverse osmosis filter and remineralize with salt. Drink approximately half your body in ounces. Example: 200 lb.person would drink 100 oz of water daily and more if they live in hot area and work outside. So simply put: avoid processed foods, eat more fats and less carbs, eat more veggies, limit sugars, avoid GMO’s, add super foods and spices, and stay hydrated! It’s that simple! Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey into becoming healthy. It’s not your fault for being misinformed since birth and indoctrinated into a society that prioritizes profit over people’s well being. You can take back control of your life and regain your health. Cheers… to your health!

“Be Good to your Body and your Body will be god to you!”

~Jared Repass

2 Comments on “Nutrition Simplified!

  1. “..walk the perimeter where the “real” food is located.” Hmm, Walk the perimeter- I will do, and will see what happens.(I have my fav grocery store visualized in my mind now, and “see” what you mean.) My body is likely to say, “Yes”, and thank me. Thank you for the wonderful Food tips and sound philosophies.
    It’s funny, how we are indoctrinated. For instance, back in the 90’s- it was “no fat! Fat is bad” -such B.S. and nonsense.
    Great pics. You love a good blender 🙂
    I see that Mt. Valley Water- ultra good stuff from the natural Springs of Arkansas. I used to date a Mt. Valley Water distributor. I haven’t seen it (H2O) in years, til just now in your pics. (btw)

    • Yes Regina,
      The source of food that never seems to differ are fruits and veggies. It would be a hard sale to convince us in any era that “apples are bad !!! Don’t eat the apples” ha !! Oh and by the way, dating a Mt. Valley Water man…very nice…you must have really good “taste”. 😉 Cheers my friend ❤

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