‘Bout time for a Spring cleaning..

Spring is a time for renewal. It’s time to de-clutter. This includes your body, which is suffering from the excess waste and toxic materials rotting inside the digestive tract. Ready, Set, time to Reboot? Are you ready for a refreshing detox? First thing you will want to do is stop consuming foods and substances that clog your digestive system such as wheat, gluten, dairy, and sugar or (sugar substitutes) which are even worse! Now, it is time to start the detox! There are many ways to detox and the one I am going to share is practical and easy. You will be using water and some vegetable juices for about 7 days with an option of sauna or coffee ememas to help assist with elimination of toxins, plus some moderate fasting. Lets Begin!!

What you will need: a quality Juicer and blender, some 32 oz. glass jars, ground coffee (for enema), fruits, vegetables and greens, herbal teas, water, and (optional) an enema bag.

What to expect: You are releasing toxins so you may feel worse before you feel better. The more toxic you are the sicker you may feel. If you are able to push through the discomfort, then you will experience the benefits  increased energy, improved organ function and skin, and feel great. Also, you may be in the bathroom more than normal so just be prepared.

The Cleanse: A one week detox to drive out toxins, allow the organs to rest, and to improve circulation to allow for better nutrient absorption and health.During the cleanse, you will also want to get outside and breath fresh air and sweating also helps to release toxins, so sauna use is great if you have access to one. If you live in FL where I do,  just go outside and walk around for 45 minutes and you will sweat.

Day 1: This day you will be working on resting your body to allow the body to start cleaning up on its own. You be consuming only water with lemon. Fill five 32 oz jars each up with clean water and add 1 squeezed lemon to each. Lemons add flavor and also increase digestive acids that will help to break down foods more completely. You will consume the water throughout the day about 160oz. Water is a dissolvent so it will help to break up compacted materials in your intestines so that they can be removed. Water is also necessary to hydrate out cells and you should be drinking about half your body weight in ounces daily to stay hydrated.

Day 2: Now that your body has begun cleaning up, you want to slowly add some nutrition with primarily greens. So now we will make 4 -32 oz beverages, 2 with water only and 2 with 1/2 juice and 1/2 water. Juice 2 bunches of cilantro, 2 cucumbers,  32oz of spinach, and 2 lemons. This sounds like a lot, but when you juices these foods the liquid yield is small. Combine water to fill the rest of the jar up. Consume throughout the day by sipping every 20 minutes or so.

Day 3: Continue by repeating day day 2. If you would like you can switch up the greens used by adding kale, parsley, or celery.

Day 4: Hump Day! The body has probably released a lot of toxic material by now and is maybe starting to feel the benefits of being clean. It time to start adding some heartier foods. This is were we start to add blended beverages. Now, we will be using the whole foods and chopping them up in the blender. This is more work for the digestive system, but it is ready to take on this task. We will still be consuming the water and juice beverages and drinking plenty of water. Make 2 qt of water and lemon, 1 qt of greens and water, and 1 qt of blended drink. In blender: 2 green apples, a few celery stalks, 2 cucumbers, a handful of spinach or kale, and a cup of berries of choice, MIX! This will add some fiber and also more antioxidants from the fruits. Enjoy!

Day 5: Continue by repeating day 4 with option of switching up ingredients. Just make sure the blended drink is 1/2 fruit and 1/2 greens. Avoid high glycemic fruits such as bananas, mangoes, and melons. Papaya is a good choice as it is high in digestive enzymes.

Day 6: We are getting close to finishing our cleanse now, so it is time to start transitioning back to whole foods. We will do 3 qt of liquid based drinks and add a simple salad. The 3 Drinks: 1 qt water, 1 qt juiced greens/water, and 1 qt. blended beverage. The salad: bed of spinach or kale, some chopped apples, avocado, some citrus, tomato, sliced cucumber, shredded carrot, or whatever other vegetables you would like to add. The dressing: equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil with some squeezed lemon. Toss ingredients and enjoy. Eat slowly and chew your food till its liquid,while simultaneosly trying to tease out each of the flavors.

Day 7: Last day. You are probably feeling amazing right now and I hope you will continue to strive to maintain this robust health. Today we will continue to transition to more whole foods. We will follow day 6 protocols, but in addition we will add some snacks in the form of fruit. As you transition back to whole foods you can slowly start adding quality fats and proteins into your arsenal from nuts, seeds, and wild or organic foods.

•The optional coffee enema: Brew coffee, let cool down., put coffee into enema bag, insert tube into rectum and drain bag, lie on back or side for 12-15 minutes.

For benefits or if you have any questions about coffee enemas refer to: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/ask-the-science-based-pharmacist-what-are-the-benefits-of-coffee-enemas/

The next step to health is to improve the gut flora in your intestines to increase the good bacteria and suppress the bad bacteria. This is an important concept that I will discuss in detail in another post. Stay tuned to hear about all the exciting and beneficial health talks to come.

♥”Be Good to your Body and your Body will be good to YOU!” ~ Jared R.

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