Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

get-attachment-6.aspxNot sure if you knew this, but coconut water has the same consistency of human plasma. Coincidence?… I think not. The coconut is an amazing gift from God and can be used to improve your health. The benefits of drinking coconut water are many. The water within the coconut, is especially useful for people living in hot climates, diarrhea and vomiting sufferers, and people who work hard outdoors.  Coconut water contains dietary fiber, enzymes, Vit.C, minerals such as Magnesium and Potassium, and amino acids making it a powerful health tonic. It can be used for hydration & weight loss, and is great for the skin, immune system, cardiovascular health, as well as assisting kidneys in toxin filtration. It helps to improve skin by reducing visible signs of aging, stretch marks, cellulite, and even helps with eczema. Coconut water also boosts immune system helping to fight against cold and flu. So next time your feeling depleted make yourself a nice tall glass of fresh coconut water and drink to your health.

“Be Good to your Body and your Body will Be Good to you” ~ Jared Repass

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10 Comments on “Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

  1. I bought coconu water from a local convenience store. It tasted great and gave an immediate boost in energy. Is there a specific brand that you recommend?

  2. My son has severe eczema. He isn’t crazy about the taste of coconut water but is willing to drink it to help his condition. How much should he drink and how often to experience its benefits for skin conditions like eczema?

    • Hi Patricia,
      My best advice, from experiences with other people that have eczema is to try and balance the gut flora. Not sure how old your son is, however there are several probiotics that you can purchase in the health food stores for all ages. As far as the coconut water goes, it mostly hydrates similar to an electrolyte. So it helps hydrate him, but won’t really do much for eczema. There are several factors to consider here. Has he been on antibiotics a lot? Does he eat processed sugars? Like I said, from what I have seen, Eczema can be caused by the destruction of good bacteria in the gut so it’s actually an easy fix. With a healthy diet and balance of probiotics, you will see great results. Also, you can add fresh organic lemon, watermelon, orange, strawberry, or mango juice ( examples) to flavor the coconut water to make it taste better for him. Hope this helps! Jules 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for your prompt response. My son is a teenager and is currently taking an antibiotic for an infection due to the severe cracking in his skin. He is under the care of a dermatologist but I am very discouraged that they have prescribed him meds with corticosteriods. He is an athlete and is very good about keeping the processed sugar intake down and watching what he eats but obviously it isnt enough. I very much appreciate your detailed advice. We will definitely make a trip to our local health food store. Blessings to you Jules!

    • My heart goes out to you and your son. I can completely relate to your concerns regarding the corticosteroids. A few months ago I had a bad rash on my face and neck. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Contact Dermatitus. Apparently I brushed up againest something in my garden. The doctor prescribed a heavy steriod cream and told me that it was the only thing that could cure it. I came home, put it on my face and within 15 minutes I got a migraine and the rash inflamed twice as much as before I applied the cream. I was obviously allergic to the steroid cream.So I washed off the cream and my headache went away and the rash settled down immediately. I knew I had to do something to rid of this rash because it wasn’t going to go away by itself. So I went out into my garden and picked two Aloe Vera leaves off my plant. I cut open the aloe leaves and made a mixture of the Aloe, Manuka Honey 15+, and virgin coconut oil, and applied it on my rash. When I woke up the next day the rash was half way gone, and it was a bad one!! It took a total of 4 days to rid of it completely. Normally it takes 2 weeks or more for contact dermatitis to go away. I am wondering if you could try this on one area of your sons eczema? Perhaps to test it to see if it will work for him. Manuka honey is a powerful anti- bacterial aid. You can read about it in my blog posts or google it. Also I would give him a vitamin D supplement and make sure he is getting lots of Fatty Acids. Dairy is a big trigger for Eczema. It would be great if he could eliminate that from his diet while he is healing and getting his gut flora back in check. One more thing I am going to recommend to you is to read a book called, The Makers Diet, by Jordan Rubin. Here is a link : As a teenager Jordan went from a very strong athletic boy to almost dying from gut issues. He was healed by the diet he shares in this book. Hope some of this helps you Patricia. Much love and blessings to you and your son.

  4. I have never tried coconut water, but I do use raw organic coconut oil everywhere, from cooking to using it as a moisturizer after my shower. I love the stuff.

  5. Wow Jules, I am always amazed at how often docs seem to prescribe the steriod cream as an end all for things like this! Like you, my son does not have good results from its applications. So glad you were able to find something that worked well for you. I so appreciate you sharing your experience with me. I am encouraged about the benefits of a vitamin D supplement and bought him some (along with a bottle of omegas) at our health food store. Your recommendations are what they suggested. A great confirmation! I heard of the Makers Diet book years ago and have just ordered a copy. Many thanks for your help and kindness! We have high hopes for the possibilities!

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