The Gift of a New Season

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.   Ecclesiastes 3:1

fall gratifly with watermarkHello Lovelings!

Hello Fall !! Hello change!!

With every new season comes a chance to experience new beginnings.  Perhaps some of us are considering a job or career change? Some may desire a new love or to rekindle a familiar one? Is there a long standing heartfelt friendship or family member  in your life that could use  some nurturing and forgiveness? Maybe it’s time to reboot your health?



Nature teaches us that when we plant our seeds with a commitment to love, and feed, with respect to the best intentions toward a happy outcome, anything and everything will flourish.  

922868_10200215125034162_611420977_n1094991_10200820716213563_174729045_n                                                                         ( My Lil Love & I planted this avocado tree in April 2013. It has grown 6 feet in 5 months, yay! )

  Summer, spring, fall or winter, it matters not the season in terms of manifesting a heartfelt soul desire. Of course there are certain things in life that require patience and time more so than others. However, there are things in life that we want, need, that never seem to come to life or fruition. That is when we may find ourselves playing the broken  skipping record singing one simple lyric. “Why”? ziiipp...”why?”  ziipp...”why?” Good question, right?

I feel the oxymoron of both humbled and entitled to answer that question. You see, I am gifted in terms of creativity. That statement is not me being arrogant. It is just the facts. I am a visionary. An inventor of design. Give me something, anything at all outside of technology and I will  re-create/ re-invent it in a very unique fashion. Plus it comes completely innate and easy for me. Playing an instrument, writing music, poems, books, painting, food recipes, designing clothes, homes, hairstyling , jewelry, etc. etc., you name it. And I will see it in a light that shines in totally unique colors. 

Yet there is a curse to this blessing. I can hear in my mind  my father talking to me right now .  He would say…”Bring it in for a landing Jules.” 🙂 I can’t count the times he said that to me, very lovingly of course. 

Yes, and so with no regrets I will say  there were many things I “coulda, woulda, shoulda” done in my life.  Yet, before I chose to bring something to fruition, my genius right brain was on to the next concept. Sound familiar to anyone? Sure, yes, of course. There are many of us out there. I am always excited when the seasons change. I always say to myself , “YAY! New beginnings ! A chance to bring this new concept to fruition.” But what about the fifteen concepts from last season? Hmmm…. haha!

So I was sitting outside soaking up some vitamin D today. And along came a huge beautiful butterfly. I watched that butterfly flutter around all over my property. Dipping into this flower, and that flower and then back to that flower and then to this flower. And then it dawned on me how I am very much like that butterfly. But the difference is that even though she was all over the place, she stayed focused on the main source. And that was the flowers, which were several types and different colors, but still the same source.

So, if you ever find yourself asking that million dollar question of , “Why”?. This is the answer. 

1. Choose one source to focus on at a time until you bring it to fruition. Become obsessed with it like it’s your favorite dessert. You know how when you are super full from dinner but somehow you have room for that huge piece of chocolate cake? Yeah, like that. Make room for your goals and dreams. No excuses. 

2. Remember to be patient and persistent as some things take longer than others to come to life. It’s so weird how time doesn’t really exist when we are doing what we truly love, yes? Kahlil Gibran said, “Work is love made visible”. It’s so true. Yet, we have bills to pay and we need to eat right? So if playing on the beach all day is what we want to do in life, that great, but we need to understand how we can make money doing that. And that my friends, is the tough part. Yet so is getting a masters degree. Learn the business end of your craft. Read everything. Ask questions!  Life will reward you! 

3.  It is always darkest before the dawn, so never ever give up on yourself, your dreams, your hearts desires. There is always, always, someone out there that will share in your hopes, your dreams, your vision. Never keep yourself from being vulnerable enough to ask questions. Sure there are a few of us with “lack consciousness”, and “fear based” tickity toc  brain sets out there. Yet most human beings actually love helping each other, and that one act of courage by asking for help can make all the difference in creating the life of your dreams.

4. Be grateful for what you do have “right here” right now” in order for more to come. I am not totally clear on why being thankful for everything in our lives works so beautifully, but it does. Perhaps it is because by perceiving that we have enough, we are enough, right now in this moment empowers us as the magnificent creators we are born to be. For me, being grateful means that I am responsible for what I am co creating with others to manifest in my life.  We all know how easy it is to be grateful when life seems charmed. But I am here to tell you that when things are the worst, and we can still find gratitude in our adversity, that is when the real magic happens.





( my lil gratifly girl on the right path )

5.  I feel a healthy competition ( against ourselves) is good because it drives us to achieve our goals. It’s when we compete againest each other that things become somewhat limited. So… that verses creativity, which is unlimited and boundless can make awesome changes in life.  What I am trying to say is don’t envy others. Better to feel inspired by them. When you see someone doing or having what you want or need, feel happy for them. Pay attention, and if you can, ask questions to learn from them. You are just as important and matter just as much as any thing in nature or anyone else here in earth. Life gives us many gifts. Some of those gifts are others that are doing, or actually have achieved what you are striving for in life. Just remember, they, just as the butterfly, have their seasons too. 

Love, ♥



© Jules Phariss 2011



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One Comment on “The Gift of a New Season

  1. Good Morning,

    Jerrold here, still on the banks of the Suwannee river. I do so love when your name appears in my in-box……keeps me connected even though I am away. This post was great………….

    I have a young friend who is very idealistic but has made some irrational choices in her pursuit of a natural lifestyle and is in the weeds. She has her permaculture certification and is a hard worker but is in a rut right now. I’d like your input about an idea I had for her. I know you are busy so I’ll call you when I think you may not be …..if you can’t answer, just call when you can and let me know what’s good.

    Have not forgotten about that fan….I’ll be at Como during the last few days of Sept.



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