Message from a Lotus flower


“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.” – Masaru Emoto 

How beautiful… the Lotus, yes? A flower born amongst  the slush of thick struggling darkness. Yet it rises, yearns toward the sun, and blooms for the truth showing us all of its precious value.  The Lotus flower whispers…”you matter.”

In all of my time here on earth, I have never met one single person that has gotten away scott free of suffering in one time or another in their lives. We all have been through experiences that have caused us to feel fear, pain, anger.  We are human so it appears that we need these feelings to teach us  lessons of compassion, patience, kindness, love, etc.

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was to play in the mud. Actually I still very much love to play in the mud, yet now I see the mud affectionately as my brain.  And now as an adult, I am planting intentional seeds in that mud. The seeds are very much like the aspirations of my life. I water, nurture, and feed them. I send them love and light and positive vibrations. And yes, I try my hardest not to lose my patience and the courage to persist when my goals are not producing as quickly as I had hoped. 

And if I ever consider giving  up on myself, or anything else I plant to birth to fruition, It feels like I am sending out the message to the universe something other than that, ” I matter”. Yet I do, very much matter…and so do you.

Despite what you are or were ever conditioned to think or feel by anyone else other than your own hearts truth, you are here to share your gifts. You are here to contribute through your very own uniqueness. You have the power to rebirth or reinvent yourself as many times as you like. So never give up. The beauty of life is that it constantly changes. In that life rebirths itself to whatever you choose to create it to be.

The message of the lotus flower is this : Suffering shall be imminent. Yet strive to return to the essence of your truth. And you will bloom. Yes, you will bloom more beautiful and powerful than you ever imagined you could and more. Trust in your purpose. And even if you don’t know what your purpose is, just keep reaching for the light, stay on the path of love and gratitude for no other reason than to remember that you matter. Yes, we all matter.


Jules ♥


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