The Symbolism of the Majestic Hawk

hawk1 Are you really hungry for change?

I have been visited this past week more than once by a beautiful hawk . Since I prefer not to look a “gift horse”, or in this case, a “bird” in the mouth, I decided to take a few moments out of my very busy schedule and chat a bit with my guest. I don’t want to say he was uninvited. After all I am responsible for creating my world.  In retrospect, I dare say that like everything else in nature, his timing was just perfect! 

For the past few months I have been starting a new project that I trust could possibly become a life changer for me. And like a lot of us that feel very passionate about anything we are doing, it can become completely consuming. 

When my beautiful guest showed up, I stopped dead in my tracks.  I got up from my tunnel vision obsession, and listened intently, as I do whenever nature guides come to share something with me. And the messages were very clear.

So I need to put my priorities in perspective, yes?…Hmmm, I see.  Oh, you mean something such as sleep? What is that? I can sleep later as soon as I finish this… one… last…

okay, yes, I suppose you are right. I defiantly need to remember how important my health is. The project is not going anywhere. So chill out Jules. 🙂 

 At times the ability to multi-task almost seems like a blessing, as well as a curse. The better we are at balancing 10 things at the same time, the easier it is to become overwhelmed. And of course when that happens, something’s gotta give. Some thing is going to take the short end of the stick, so to speak. Something or someone has the potential to suffer. Any of you that have been following my blog, are aware that I make references to my dad’s famous sayings. Here is one that he always used to say regarding his feelings on multitasking. “ Don’t ever try to play two games at once”. 🙂

The other message I received is to simply, trust.  Everything in life has its due time… a season for everything. So like my gift from the universe, the majestic hawk, I am choosing the high road. I believe that when we get a visit from this beautiful creature of nature, it is time for us to take moments out to breathe. To take moments out to become the observer of our own passions and ask the right questions. Are we being fair to ourselves?  As we stay mindful, focused and committed to the task at hand, let us not become greedy. Let us not become so fearful that our hearts desires are not going to happen, “like yesterday“. Rather trust that when we take flight, keeping our eyes on the goal, the end result will be accomplished. One step, one priority, one breath at a time… 

 Soar on Lovelings!

Jules ♥


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