“Let us bathe in an ocean of courage and forgiveness. So we may cleanse the deep embedded poison , that robs us of our choice to love truly. And rather than invite the darkness that lurks solely to destroy our souls, be kind to remember… we are human.”

When one lives with the blessing of courage to know that the enemy is only a reflection of our own fear, then and only then can we truly know empowerment. Then will we know freedom. I’ve been thinking a lot of about courage lately. The courage to accept change and how vulnerable it feels at times to embrace the new life that lies before me. I feel it is vital to ask the right questions in times like these. These questions help me get closer to the degree of bravery needed to achieve my goals. One, of the most important questions I ask myself is, ” what is the worse that can happen if I take the plunge? And the second, yet most vital question is, “what is the best that can happen?”  For me, the ladder normally wins. For I see no growth in hiding underneath the rock of life.

I am and always have been very creative. It is pretty much safe to say that my brain never shuts down. 🙂 If I am not writing, I am painting. If I am not painting, I am playing music. If I am not playing music, I am designing clothes or inventing new ways to make food, and on and on. And it took a trip to visit my father in California many, many years ago to awaken to the fact that I am not alone in this delightful way of being.

There I was, standing in my dad’s living room and with great exuberance sharing with him my newest and latest concepts !! Asking him things like, ” Isn’t this the most awesome thing you ever heard dad?!!! ” Can you just imagine how great it is going to be when I launch this!!??”

My father was a very wise man. And he was also one of the most brilliant composers that ever lived. Grown men would cry to hear one of his compositions that seemed to be channeled from heaven itself.  After I made my claim and brought myself back down to earth, I just stood there wide-eyed shaking my tail like a puppy waiting to receive his praise and approval. He looked at me and smiled and said, ” It’s beautiful babe, but get busy, for don’t ever think you are the only one.”

I sat there silently for a moment and asked myself, “What do you mean I am not the only one?” It’s my idea! My unique creation!!! However, after I finished taking that immature defensive stance of narcissism, I realized the precious gift he gave to me with those magical words of wisdom. In that moment, I felt immense courage, I felt the power of discipline. I knew that no matter what I did in life all that mattered was that I gave it my best. In that moment I knew that even when I felt vulnerable and afraid that someone might try to steal my idea or concept, or anything or anyone from me in my life,  that it was all going to be alright. Because I am not the only one., yes!

That was one of the most humbling and beautiful lessons I learned from my precious father that day. I learned that there wasn’t separation between us as a collective. That we are here to dive head first into our hearts desires and not to be afraid of asking for help. That we are here to expose and share our gifts, our hearts, with others. Of course, another famous quote my father would always tell me is to, “go slow, you see better”. But that is his take on patience and common sense and another blog… for another day. 🙂

Life is about contribution, so be brave… be true. Especially to yourself. Do your best and remember to ask yourself the question, “What is the best that can happen?.” For the truth of the matter is that we are powerful creators as our thoughts and feelings manifest into our reality. It takes courage to be authentic and despite the odds of possibly getting hurt,  I for one would not want to be any other way. How about you?

Love always, all ways,


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  1. This is a thought-provoking, intimate, excellent commentary. Thank you for it!

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