Making Life Simple!

Life should not be  a struggle and you should feel vibrant and full of energy and vitality. So why are so many people running around stressed out and why does our society have so much disease? My guess is that people are over thinking life. If everyone would just take a deep breathe and slow down a wee bit, they would see that by simplifying there lives; life becomes more manageable.
It’s like we are the dog at the dog track chasing a useless bone around in a circle until we find out that we have wasted a lot of time and energy chasing this illusion and it was just a plastic bone. Likewise, we are chasing useless materials that have no real value and put us into a competitive mindset in order to obtain money to purchase inanimate materials that will supposedly make us become happy. Instead try helping other people out and you see that is more valuable and brings true joy to people. Its as simple as reaping and sowing. Whatever you want you have to give. If you want affection give hugs, if you want $ give money, if you want freedom give time, etc. Whatever you sow you reap. Life is a miracle and should be treated as such. Be grateful for life and cherish the things that support life. Be grateful you have food to eat, a home to shelter you, and clothing to protect you from the elements. Although if you live in Florida like me I recommend as little clothing as possible. Give thanks you are alive and able to experience life. Eat living foods that nourish your body. Get Outside and spend time in nature. Get some sun or what I like to call Vit. D. Exercise. Move your body in natural ways using your own weight. I recommend Qi Gong or Yoga and walking while engaged in deep breathing. Breath deeply. Learn how to breath diaphragmically. Be kind to others. Smile. Laugh. Do work you enjoy. Rest. Play. Have a positive attitude. That about sums it up. Enjoy the journey and remember it always works out so don’t get caught up in the stress mentality just know whatever or however the situation is it will pass and life will go on. The sun will come up. The flowers and trees will grow. Life goes on. Situations will be put in your path and are there for you to grow and learn a lesson. Stay childlike and always keep the attitude of wonder.

“Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet”

Jared Repass~ My Body Reboot

2 Comments on “Making Life Simple!

  1. You are such a wise and beautiful Spirit. Thanks for this beautiful reminder of what is important.

  2. I agree with so much you say above… I’ve found if you spend less time making money and more time making friends, and less time looking at how to make money and more time on how to help people, you find more opportunities present themselves to you.

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