Fitness Tips

♥Fitness Tips♥

Fitness is a key area in the total wellness formula. I hope to inspire and encourage people to move their bodies and improve their overall health and well-being all while having fun. “Use it or lose it”. Enjoy these fitness tips. We are no longer hunter gatherers and most of us spend many hours sitting, whether it’s in front of a computer or a TV, many people are not moving around enough. Combined with poor food choice this has led to an obese nation plagued with health problems.  Make exercise fun. I believe in moderation and that goes for fitness as well. You don’t have to be an ultra marathoner, you just have to get out and do things. Fitness should be exciting and fun and you should look forward to it. Personally I like the outdoors and have a love for water and nature. So naturally, when I can get in a kayak or on a paddle board and do some paddling while observing nature, I am ecstatic and can’t wait to go. This is the attitude I want everyone to have. Being fit doesn’t have to be a dreaded activity. Find things you enjoy and go do them. It may be playing sports, or perhaps gardening, how about walking in nature, going for a bike ride, or dancing, you get the point. It doesn’t matter as long as you are moving and having fun. The benefits are amazing, trust me. Your activities and interests will vary based on geography and personality, but that matters none.  Have fun and like Nike’s slogan says” Just Do It”! I will be posting articles on all aspects of fitness so be sure to stay tuned and come back to read more heartfelt advice on fitness and browse other topics having to do with wellness on Jules Organic Living. Thank You!

“Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet”

Jared Repass~ My Body Reboot

3 Comments on “Fitness Tips

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  2. I agree with your article that “Fitness should be exciting and fun and you should look forward to it”. If your fitness program is not fun and interesting you are setting yourself up for failure. Find exercises that you like and stick with them for the best results

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