Introducing, The Love Goddess… Juno Cristi

Today’s Present, The Loveling…

Juno Cristi, Blogger, Artist, and Author of ” Drops of Petals”: Poems from the Heart

“Love is not just a word. It’s my world. It’s your world. It’s our world. Love is our true essence. Whether or not we understand it, whether or not we have faith in it, or need it, it is there. Love is always there. And even if we don’t believe in love, love believes in us. Love is all there is.”

Who is Juno Cristi?

In retrospect, I was as a child who had such a wide interest in literature such as fairy tales and romance and suspense/mystery novels, one who would rather read a book than be in slumber parties. I grew up in the 80s so the movies back then meant a lot to me. I would watch movies all the time. On top of that I often caught myself listening to music over the radio and to radio shows and imagined how it would be if I were the host or DJ.

In high school, I joined the Glee Club and sang and danced the days away for four years, I even thought that was more important than school itself.

In college, I failed miserably in my first degree Economics, and since I was doing quite excellent in my humanities subjects I decided to quit the management course and signed up for a course in English and found myself at home with World Literature and Philosophy , even if it means having a 100-book requirement, anything to keep me away from the Math courses! Calculus or Trigonomoetry or Statistics. I dreaded Math with a passion.

Since both my parents were lawyers, I was strongly encouraged to take up a Law degree, to “continue the legacy” and with a heavy heart obliged. My first few months in Law school was the most horrible of days. I felt nauseous every time I woke up. I couldn’t see myself reading volumes of Supreme Court Rulings Annotated, or any text on Law for that matter..It drained my Spirit. I didn’t like what I was doing I didn’t feel like giving my best for something my heart doesn’t sing to and so I failed. I quit and decided to work instead.

A few odd jobs later I joined the outsourcing world and worked in the industry for 11 years, working nights, and did it all for the big climb to the top. Somewhere along the way I started to enjoy something difficult , it wasn’t in resonance with my heart song but did it all because it allowed me to build my confidence and my network grew along with it. I was in it for the money. Money changes us like this. Yes I was in the rat race, I had my corner office, and at the age of 30 I was one of the youngest female executives in the company, and only a few steps away from being CEO until everything went up in smoke, after 11 years, the burn out finally happened. I went into a phase of depression. I had everything going for me outside the home. No matter how many promotions came I felt so empty. When you’re living outside the heart, life will seem empty.

When I started to spend more time with my daughter, and nature… when I walked away from it all, when I started writing, when I started living in the heart things began to manifest meaning , and purpose, and clarity… I felt my soul growing.

I travel light these days… I have nothing but my books, my art stuff, my 10 inch Thinkpad , a few clothes, the rest just the basic necessities.. I have no one but my family and closest friends who keep me company everyday. I work from home. I work when I want. I’m a single mom, been single for 3 years now and not bothered at all by it, I have no regrets about this. I trust that every man comes at a time I need them most and when one goes I always find myself.I do not feel the need go up the ladder or rise above people anymore. I’ve stripped myself away from many things I knew and loved but I’ve never been happier in my life, and I’ve never felt more wealthy, and though some people I know may now look down on me and see me with eyes of sympathy and concern I can only smile secretly, and proudly, for when I had nothing I realized I had everything. I am thankful for the darkest hours, for it is in these darkest hours that I learned to illuminate my being. In adversity I learned how strong I am, and how much stronger I can be.

(You can read more about my journey here: and.html)

You are dripping, soaking, wet in the pureness of Love. Can you tell us what inspires you to ooze such a degree of this precious essence?

When people ask me where I get my inspiration I always tell them that I am simply a messenger, and the message usually comes from my guides, and they always think that my guides are all otherworldly and I travel somewhere beyond the earthly plane. I don’t need to travel anywhere. God is here before me, in the air I breathe, in that tiny drop of water that meets the ground, in the beating of my heart and in the little voice inside me.

Anyone can be my guide…any person I resonate with, family, friend or stranger, man crossing the street, even the butterfy, the flower or the tree. Anything and anyone can be my source of inspiration once I tune in and seek this inspiration. Inspiration is that place where my soul feels at home, when I hear the music in me, when I listen with my heart. I intend to communicate with the world in this way, everyday for as long as my spirit breathes.

Your blog reflects your inner beauty, and the beauty of others. You have written many interviews of some of the most inspiring people on earth. What have they taught you about yourself?

I’ve always wanted to travel the world because I’d love to meet people from different walks of life, I wanted to know different life experiences and cultures. While I didn’t have the resources to do that, I found that I can still travel the world — in spirit. That’s what I’m doing with Soulspeak. It gave me a ticket to explore the world we live in through other people’s eyes and ears and voices.

Soulspeak opened up a world of wonder for me and I am grateful and honored to be given the platform to share their energies with the world and let others travel along with me, in spirit. In interviewing so many people from different locations and cultures I learned that we all aim for the same things, we all cry, we all fall down and get up, we all want to love and be loved, we all want this world to be a better place … I learned too that we are all unique in that we all have a beautiful message to share to the world. If we can just listen to each other we will hear that message. That’s the main thing I learned from myself from my guests I guess, that I discover a lot more by listening than by speaking.

Do you spend much time in nature?

Yes, I live in the city though so nature for me is this garden in front of me, and the sunlight I’m soaking in.

I really love the beach, the air in the ocean awakens me. I was just in a beach with my daughter the other day. It was so nice.

What or who restores your power?

One thing I learned recently is that “Power” is not the dream, “The Dream” is the power. So I keep dreaming, and that dream has lead me to where I am today, writing poetry and prose. Sharing my works and growing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, as I share.

Other than my dream I have my faith, my friends, my family – my daughter most especially as the pillars of my strength. I’ve been very ill recently and in moments when I knew the weaker me could just easily give up and be miserable and shut myself from the world, I kept going because of all the encouragement and help I’ve been getting in whatever way, shape or form.

Kaya has been a great source of strength for me. Everytime I look at her I am filled with the energy of love , and hope. I tell myself I cannot be weak, there is no choice but to be strong for my daughter, her future relies on this, and with that thought I persist, and energy carries me on to this very moment.

I also found that prayer really helps. It gives me a chance to ask and be given what I need, no more no less… just what I need. Knowing that God hears and listens and provides… I am at peace. I trust. All these give me strength.


What exciting things are happening in your life now in terms of your work and life in general and where do you hope this journey will take you?

I took some rest from writing and doing interviews since May. That’s when I got very ill and spent a lot of my time going in and out of hospitals. I’m not quite where I want to be yet healthwise, I am still encountering episodes of pain and the usual discomforts that come with a Gastrointestinal illness. But I’m grateful because everyday I feel that I am getting stronger and I am dealing better with it. I’ve accepted the fact that it may be chronic, but at least I know my way around it, and that has helped immensely in taking me to the next level. I’m bouncing back despite the illness. I figured that I shouldn’t let it keep me from what I want to do in my life. My passion has always been to write and to share my writings and that’s what this journey is all about for me. I don’t really know where it will take me, I just have full faith and trust in myself and in God right now that everything is all in divine order, and everything I’m going through is meant to bring me to where I should be. I try to live in the present moment and live my dreams one day at a time and not really expect so much or look so far into the future… I find that when I do that amazing surprises come my way.

For two years I wrote poetry without really thinking something greater will come out of it. Now I have a book coming out. (“Drops of Petals” : Poems from the Heart) It has all the poems I’ve written since 2010. I would never have thought of this 2 years ago- that I’ll be speaking about an upcoming book, published and in paperback. It’s all still quite bizarre if you ask me. But yes, it will be available in Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Apple Ibooks too. I am so excited about this.

Moreover, I am getting ready to post brand new interviews on Soulspeak ( from.html). I’m also collaborating with a few content managers and bloggers who are interested in sharing my works in a larger audience.

I also plan to travel and promote my book in countries like China, Sweden, Poland, France, Spain, Russia, Romania, Germany… because my book is currently being translated in these languages. I don’t know when that will happen, soon hopefully.

So there, when I’m not doing mommy duties (my primary job), I write and network with people all over the world. That’s what’s keeping me busy and centered these days.

You are born a Libra, ruled by the planet Venus. Tell us now, beautiful goddess…What is Love?

Love is not just a word. It’s my world. It’s your world. It’s our world. Love is our true essence. Whether or not we understand it, whether or not we have faith in it, or need it, it is there. Love is always there. And even if we don’t believe in love, love believes in us. Love is all there is.

Do you believe you have a Twin Soul?

I don’t really believe in a Twin Soul, or that there is only one being out there meant for us, but based on experience I do believe that there are souls that resonate with me so highly – they mirror me in so many ways. Some call them Soulmates, some call it Destiny or Kismet. I don’t want to put a term to it, it is a concept that is beyond me. All I know is that when it happens it brings me feelings of immense joy and affection, peace and acceptance, and unconditional love… I learned not to explain it, but to savor the moment and feel grateful for the moment and allow this energy to free me.

What, and or, who, lives in the deepest part of your heart?

If you had asked me this question 3 years ago I would say my partner, or the people I love most and who love me most. But I learned, recently that it is God that lives in the deepest part of me… It’s the God I built a relationship with over time, it’s the God that I spoke to ever since I was a child. It’s the God that listens to every word I say, and who knows me very well to this day. It’s the God I pray to. The God who hears and listens. The God who has blessed me with the Mysteries of Life… The God who Creates… and the Creator works through me.

What is the first thing you see, when I say,” You are the universe”.


I wrote this once… “Everything we’ve been through is everything we are… that’s how the universe shapes all its stars.”

I feel that we are stars. This is the essence of the Universe.

Do you have a message that you want to share with the world?

You don’t have a gift, YOU ARE THE GIFT, so open up and share that gift to the rest of world!

It has been an honor for me to interview such a lovely gift as you Juno. I trust I can speak for us all when I say, thank you for your beautiful contribution and the inspirational light that shines from your precious heart.

Holding you in a space of Love & Light,


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  1. I hope that you can get completely over your GI thing, that it isn’t chronic. I ate something bad in the tropics last year. It lead to many months of stomach issues and mostly useless doctor’s visits. As far as I know, I’m over it. It just took a long time. I now believe that the body eventually heals itself. Extra sleep doesn’t hurt the full recovery either. Good luck!

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