Living Whole Foods

You may have heard the term Living Whole Foods before and wondered what does that mean and why should I consume them? Living Whole Foods are essential for life. They contain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary to sustain life. A food is considered to be whole when it is unmolested and in its natural form. When we try to manipulate foods to extract the beneficial substances we create a un natural food and our bodies struggle to make use of the new material. Nature is already perfect and the sooner we figure that out as a collective the better off we will be as  a species. Eating the food in its whole form allows for the maximum nutritional benefit as each part of the food works in a synergistic relationship with the others to provide a full spectrum of life-giving nutrition.  This allows for maximum utilization of the nutrients with minimal effort which provides higher usable energy stores as the less energy it takes to digest your food the more energy you will have for life. Living Whole Foods can really enhance your wellbeing and provide you with abundant health for years to come. Are you ready to start adding Living Whole Foods to your health plan? Its simple and can be fun creating recipes that look good,taste great and provide excellent value to your wellbeing. Here is a list of some versatile Living Whole Foods. Remember to use a lot of variety when choosing food. The more colors and textures you use the greater amount of nutrition you will receive.

Types of Whole Foods:

 Fruits: The seed bearing part of edible plants.

Vegetables: A plant or part of a plant used as food.

Legumes: A pod, such as that of a pea or bean, that splits into two valves with the seeds attached to one edge of the valves.

Grains: a seed or fruit of a cereal grass. Examples- Quinoa,Barley, Buckwheat, Spelt, Millet, Bulgar

Later I will be sharing some great Whole Foods Recipes so stay connected and Be Well.

“Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet”

Jared Repass~ My Body Reboot

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  1. Beautifully displayed as always Jules. I have no problem getting into the blog and it comes up quickly!!!! Hope to see you soon?
    Mama Lee

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