Introducing the Fascinating Life of Dr. Linda Salvin, Celebrity Psychic Talk Show Host & More.

Today’s Present, The Loveling...

Linda Salvin, Famous Celebrity Psychic to the Stars and creator of Wicks of Wisdom Spiritual Candle Line. Author , Radio ,Talk Show Host, and Healer.

“The message for others is that I know there is a God and that once others open up to receive the universal blessings with love and of love, life becomes more precious.  The illusions of the material world fade quickly as the truth is as simple as that dove that sat on my window sill or when I see a butterfly fluttering it’s wings to give me an indication I am doing the right thing and all will be ok.”

Who is Linda Salvin?

I am a very lucky woman who is creative, spiritual, intelligent and caring,  I am one who survived 3 near death experiences in the ’80s.  The trauma and adversity was turned into a career of helping others as I opened up psychically.  I developed metaphysical gifts to heal and communicate with loved ones on the other side.  I earned a BA in Health Education from San Francisco State University in 1975, attended the University of Michigan and earned my Master of Public Health degree in 1977 and in 2008 I received my PhD in Metaphysics.  I went from science to metaphysics, research to radio and cognitive to esoteric thought.  I have helped thousands of people through nearly 20 years of this latent career which evolved after the confusing and frightening changes following the NDEs in the 80s.

You are a miracle of unique proportions. You survived a plane crash. Can you tell us how that event has affected your life?

I guess you are calling me a miracle because of the accidents I survived.  Yes, I was in a plane crash in 1981; a Boeing 737 commuter flight crash landed to avoid collision with the another plane taking off on the same runway.  I had an out-of-body experience sliding down the ramp of the plane.  Before we left the airport in San Jose for John Wayne Airport in Orange County, I had my first premonition…I saw something on the body of the plane and that is exactly where the plane cracked in half when we crashed.  The landing gear were stripped, an engine fell off and the plane cracked in half on the 17th aisle.  I experienced an out of body experience, trauma and strange sensations, such as feeling 50 feet out of my body for 4-6 months.  I became very confused and frightened yet tried to heal from the stress, trauma and changes going on inside of me.  It took six years to fully recover but during that time, I was hit by a fire truck in my car in 1982, rear-ended in 1983 and I totaled a car on a rainy night in 1984 where I had the white-light experience.  I heard the voice speak to me once again as during the plane crash, only this time I was given the choice to live or die.  I obviously stayed.  When the paramedics came to get me out of my car, I stood up and said, “they want me off the planet, they want me off the planet.”  No one could believe I was in another accident; I couldn’t comprehend what was happening to me year after year.  In 1989 I was broad sided on the freeway and was left in so much pain with headaches, I quit my job in AIDS Education and began a creative career in music.  However, by 1991 I was so sick, I passed out in a restaurant with a friend, ended up in the hospital and two months later had an emergency hysterectomy.  The energy from the surgery apparently changed me so dramatically, I began healing people.  A few years after that, I had surgery to remove over 60 tumors from hips and thighs.  I later realized the tumors were a result of the negativity I was taking on from healing others.  Once I began to heal from this surgery, I became a medium.  As you can see, everything I went through assisted in my evolution of a metaphysical person.  I did not ask for it, it just happened.
It was suggested to me that I work on the new Psychic Friends Network in 1991; in 1992, I was in the TV infomercial with Dionne Warwick.  Two years later, I quit realizing most psychics were not legit.  I ventured out on my own, was selected out of 365 readers to be on the night time drive on a major FM station in Los Angeles, and there began my broadcasting career.  Psychic radio was brand new; I am proud to say I am one of the original radio psychics, long before it became fashionable or popular on the Internet.  Five years into my broadcasting career, I developed a line of candles based on basic candle magic theory, called Wicks of Wisdom. I returned to school to earn my PhD in Metaphysics to complement the academic and spiritual aspects of my career.  It has been quite an interesting journey opening up spiritually, helping people, learning the broadcast and media fields and continuing to expand in today’s competitive and digital market.

You made an appearance performing a psychic reading in the documentary, “How to Live Forever” by Mark Wexler. What did you take from that experience in terms of how you perceive your own life?

While working one day, my assistant stated a film director was on the phone.  I took the call to speak to Mark Wexler.  He stated he had heard me broadcasting on the FM station recently and was impressed by my mediumship abilities.  He went on to explain he was producing a movie on life longevity since he had recently lost his mother.  He asked if I would be interested in channeling his mom for his movie.  I agreed.  Just before Mark and his cameraman arrived at my house, I noticed a beautiful dove sitting on the window sill outside my front door.  I had never seen such a beautiful black and white bird, a dove actually.  I regret not taking a photo of it.  This beautiful dove sat on the sill for an hour or so to my amazement that I called my friend from the next block to come see this unique bird.  When Mark and his cameraman arrived, I explained the dove had been sitting there for an hour or even though I had never seen it before.  He and I said our hellos and he went on to say that his mom used to draw doves!  We filmed for a few hours and I had much to convey to Mark from him mother.  What you see in the film is a snippet from the edits that were cut.  You see through the movie how he worries and what did his mom convey?  Stop worrying.  The second time Mark returned for a voice over, he brought some of the sketches his mom had done in her earlier years.  We even discussed this at the Lameale Theater where the movie aired and had q & a following.  One of the suggestions via his mom’s channel was that Mark publish her art work in a book.  I believe he has now done this.
The experience was fun and a bit nerve wracking as I have not channeled-on-demand so to speak, LOL.  I was nervous because I wanted to be accurate and impress him and hoped I had her.  I did, as you see in the film.  I loved working with Mark, his temperament and his directorial abilities to stage and capture what he wanted.  I believe he called in 2008 just before my own mother passed in March of 2009; the film was released in 2011.  I told Mark I had predicted awards and national distribution.  That is what happened.  How To Live Forever is now on DVD.  I encourage everyone to watch this magnificent documentary with now deceased Jack Lalaine, Susanne Sommers, Ray Bradbury, Phyllis Diller and so many others.  I did not meet the others but am grateful for my opportunity to be in the film.  I hope I have inspired others and that people learn channeling from the other side is real.  Our loved ones are not that far from us in another dimension.

 I imagine that carrying the weight of your purpose can get really intense at times. What do you do balance the energies and how do you restore your power? Do you spend time in nature?

There is a great deal of responsibility when dealing with people’s lives.  The spiritual world has no factual definitions except from the reader, medium, healer.  90% of the time, my clients return to complement my work, state things I predicted came true, ask for more, etc.  To relax, I walk with my dog, sit outside under a star-lit sky and stare or swim during the summer.  I love the mountains and ocean but do not always have the luxury of getting there.  Sometimes, just taking off my shoes and walking in the grass, touching a tree or picking up a pinecone is all I need to connect with the universe. And, of course, I watch for butterflies, my confirmation that God exists; the poem is on my web site if your readers wish to know more… 😉

You’ve created Wicks of Wisdom Spiritual Candle line. Can you share with us about the contents and more of these life changing tools?

Wicks of Wisdom was created in 1999 while I was on a national broadcast system.  I realized people wanted more than just answers to their problems.  I had dabbled in candle magic but nothing ever occurred.  Then I met Michael.  He trained me so I could understand and help others.  I started out with three sets on the air one evening and came hope to 25 orders.  Candle magic dates back to the Maccabean War when there were still idols for worship.  My candles work in a similar way.  We make an offering with the various herbal mixture, essential oil combinations and formulas, powders and a petition.  I cannot go into detail without giving my secret away.  My kits come complete with the a CD on Inspirational Messages, a booklet on the History of Candle Power, a bag of gemstones I selected and a spoon.  I have helped people out of foreclosure, get promotions, keep their stocks up in a fragile market, sell homes when nothing on the block budged; I have clients who have won Academy Awards, political campaigns, find their life’s soul mate, win legal cases and improve health unexpectedly.  These candles work, “…like a prescription for your soul.” (r)  I produced a TV infomercial in 2006 which aired in 2008-09.  That show is now on YouTube and we hope to bring it back to television to enlighten and help more people.  People can visit the web site at You do not have to believe in how they work or if they will.  Just follow my directions, skeptical or not, and there will be results.

Was there a moment in your life where you questioned if this truly was your purpose in life? 

I ran for eleven years before I surrendered to the psychic gift I had been given.  I was scared, embarrassed, humiliated, uncertain where to go and what to do with it.  I had a scientific Master’s degree, had gone through 3 NDEs and felt lost out in the world.  All of this was happening to me before being a psychic became  commercial and popular in pop culture like it is today.  Remember, I was going through the transformation during the 80s.  In 1991, I had emergency surgery and became a healer.  The time I knew this a calling for me was after I met a woman who had 26 personalities, was confirmed MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and after one healing, she was no longer hearing voices and could make decisions.  Her mother flew in from Scottsdale, AZ to thank me.  She herself worked in a psych ward and asked why I don’t go out and do this for more people. I explained I did not think the psychiatric world would understand my technique, metaphysical energy or the truth that I saw which caused certain mental disorders.  It was when people’s lives were changing, one after another, and people thanked me for doing what suddenly came naturally, I felt grateful, passionate and determined to move forward to help more people.  Now, 21 years later, I have been on radio over 18 years, appeared in a movie, been featured in people’s books, created the candle line, have touched the lives of thousands of people and continue to strive to reach new heights, more lives with a message from spirit to offer direction, comfort, closure or enlightenment.

As a beautiful inspiring Loveling to so many people, celebrities alike, do you have a special message that you would like to share with us?

Having lived through so much adversity, pain, fear, upset, confusion, transformation, ups, downs, broken hearts, loss, success, accomplishment and gratitude, I can share that one virtue I learned after the plane crash was faith.  I have been through tests on all mental, physical, emotional and certainly spiritual levels that have been extremely challenging. I know we all have difficulties, some more or less than others.  We are all individual and handle situations differently.  I can only enforce prayer, trust in the universe and faith in a God or energy of one’s understanding and everything turns out the way it is supposed to.  The path I was on is so different once I decided to let myself follow what I saw and learned as God and spirituality.  Have I made all the correct decisions?  No, not always.  Do I have regrets? You bet.  I am human.    Hindsight is always the teacher but I have learned to live in the moment the best I can, doing what I can spiritually to assist other people and the rewards are fulfilling most of the time.  There are tremendous sacrifices in this line of work.  I take what is presented in front of me and work hard to find peace within myself.  The peace is from the faith, internal digging and growth to understand my spirit and the path I was forced to walk.  The message for others is that I know there is a God and that once others open up to receive the universal blessings with love and of love, life becomes more precious.  The illusions of the material world fade quickly as the truth is as simple as that dove that sat on my window sill or when I see a butterfly fluttering it’s wings to give me an indication I am doing the right thing and all will be ok.   Try to watch for the signs of the universe, develop faith and trust the rest of the journey. I believe life is predestined and the more we trust and believe the more our life is on the right path.  Be open for change, challenge and risks internally and the outer world finds it’s balance. 

God bless, Dr Linda Salvin

Thank you Linda, for sharing with us your miraculous life, in addition to all the gifts you inherited from your experience.

Shine as Love & Light,



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20 Comments on “Introducing the Fascinating Life of Dr. Linda Salvin, Celebrity Psychic Talk Show Host & More.

  1. WOW, Jules, I am speechless. Your interview is breathtaking, flowing and beautifully presented. I am honored to be here on your blog. I know you are going to develop a tremendous following over time. Keep up the great work and thank you again for your amazing presentation on me. God bless! Dr Linda

  2. believed in you when first met you back in 1992..followed most of your advises (afterall, I am human and challenges everything)…lots of your predictions came true…love you so much and thanks for everything!

  3. This was a very interesting interview, but I have to say that I love love love the answer to the last question! I feel the vibe of a deep spirituality in this blog. -Angie

  4. Wow, Butterfly, what a fascinating interview, but I guess I’ll have to call you Loveling from now on. 🙂 As one who interviewed you in-depth for our Dream Reachers II book, I thought I knew all about you, but each time read something new, I learn more. Just as life is an evolving process, so is the life of Dr. LInda Salvin. Keep going, honey, and keep helping others. You are one of God’s special ones.

    Thanks to Jules for bringing you to your public. We await more…

    Hugs – Betty Dravis

  5. Thank-you, Jules, for this amazing interview of Dr. Linda Salvin!
    I first heard Dr. Linda Salvin on the radio…then called in as a client. We ran in some of the same circles at parties and on Red Carpet events. We shared the same interests in psychic and metaphysical topics..I am proud to call Linda my friend. She is one of the most honest and caring people I know. Her Wicks of Wisdom were amazingly successful for me, as well….truly a “prescription ” for my soul”! Thanks again, Jules…and thank-you, Linda for being “YOU”!

  6. What a wonderful interview! I have known Dr. Linda since her days of being a student and hangin out just playing the guitar. Dr. Linda is the real deal, She has walked the path laid before her. She truly helps people in their times of distress assisting them at they make their own choices. She is uncanny in her accuracy and truly a spiritual being. I don’t know how many of us could have survived the challenges she has had in survival and still be able to have the courage she has shown.

  7. I am so glad i found Jules online. I love Jules blog. I am so blessed to be on here learning about so many new and interesting topics! Thank you so much Jules

  8. I think this is among the so much significant info for me.
    And i am satisfied reading your article. However should commentary on few general
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  10. Really appreciated interview Dr. Linda Salvin!!!!!

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