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“Whatever you are neglecting, be it Body,Mind or Spirit – once you wake up and pay attention, a paradigm shift will occur and open up a brand new life for you.”



  It is with great respect and excitement for me to introduce to you today, our Loveling LindaJoy Rose. Mostly known as Dr. LJ Rose, she is here as a beautiful example of how by ingesting healthy foods, we can reinvent ourselves, in addition to heal our bodies. After you open her website, you will get a glimpse of this magnificent woman’s mission in which she implements her teachings though a childlike spirit , a whole lot of knowledge and tons of fun! 

 Who is LJ Rose? And I must say that is one of my most favorite web sites. From the moment I open it, I actually feel like the sun in shining in my heart. 🙂 What inspired you to take this path and create such beautiful content?

I am very touched that you would describe my website with those words, Jules.  Thank you. 

On my own personal and professional journey I have been very focused on the mental and spiritual sides of my nature, but often felt that Body was like the “final frontier” —  something that I really needed to master if I  truly wanted to evolve and find balance.

 During a really challenging and stressful period of my life (about 5 years ago) my health started to decline, so I knew it was crucial for me to take control of my body.  Through an interesting synchronicity – 3 separate incidents in 3 days – I learned about the raw food diet and kind of dove in, unprepared. For about 3 years I did constant research on the subject and maintained a fairly high raw diet. But through adapting recipes for friends and family and starting to give classes and workshops, I found that there could be a raw fusion solution for people who wanted to be healthier but couldn’t adapt to the high raw lifestyle.  With the truly hazardous condition of our nation’s food supply I feel a real passion for helping people find solutions.   Fortunately, consciousness about the urgent need to make some changes is growing.

 As a result of spending over three years eating mainly raw foods, I experienced a paradigm shift about food and how it impacts the body and I also learned a number of tips and techniques that enhance digestibility and metabolism.   As a teacher by nature, Raw Fusion was the natural evolution; educating people on a way of combining the best of both worlds. 

Do you have an inspirational story to share with us regarding your wellness workshop events?

I recently worked with a group of at-risk cardiovascular patients at a well-respected clinic in West Virginia.  Because that state has been the focus of much concern over diet-related health issues I was curious to see how the patients would adapt to the Raw Fusion Lifestyle.  I could not have imagined working with a better group of aware, motivated, and fully present group of patients.  Over the course of the week I had a chance to share fascinating facts and research, demonstrate delicious yet nutritious recipes from Green Smoothies to main meal Raw Fusion creations to delectable desserts, and introduce an ongoing motivational support system through the hypnotherapeutic models I developed for the Hypnovation for Health ( program.

 I am happy to report that the program was received and implemented beyond anyone’s expectations and we continue to follow their progress.  We have received a lot of great feedback from the patients – they all received a complimentary blender and food processor set from Ninja (Euro-Pro) and they are having a blast making up Green Smoothies every day (one of them even took my advice and is harvesting pristine edible greens and dandelion leaves for their smoothies!) and other Raw Fusion recipes.

 On the final day I did a Worksite Wellness for the 40+ employees of this clinic.  With the US statistic for overweight and obese hovering at about 68%, the health industry has an alarming 78%!  This great group of employees have also taken the Raw Fusion philosophy and practice to heart. 

( Note: LindaJoy has some amazing testimonials regarding the worksite wellness program. She can be reached on any of her contact info that will be placed at the bottom of this page. )



You create some of the most scrumptious recipes I have ever seen! Do you have a favorite?

 My favorite Green Smoothies would probably be the Green Fairy Lemonade and some sort of tropical variation on my usual, which always includes pineapple and banana. 

Sweet and Spicy Cashew Wraps

and Corn-Shitake-Asparagus Fricasse are two favorite main courses.

A simple truffle for snacks or desserts is this one (see me making it for

 I’m always developing new ones!

 These look delicious! How do you balance speaking/cooking engagements, creating recipes and e-how videos, authoring recipe books, wellness workshops, and more , in addition to having a home and being a wife ?

If I start my day with a plan and some action, I am usually off to a good start.  Those days would see me up fairly early:  meditating,  race walking, making a luscious green smoothie etc.  These proactive-type activities kind of “position” me to perform better and with less stress.  There are other days when I feel very lazy and introverted and wouldn’t mind spending the day in bed – but even those days are often productive as most of my projects spend a long time incubating in my mind!  So, it’s a balance between activity and inactivity that seems to work best for me.

I think you are an amazing woman. What do you do just for Linda Joy?

That is very kind of you to say.  Reading has always been my retreat.  If I have a good novel (preferably excellent historical fiction) and a bowl of sunflower seeds, I can take a mini-vacation and feel outstanding.  My husband and I plan kayaking outings on a regular basis as being in the water actually feels very grounding.  And whenever possible I either volunteer with kids or spend time with my god-daughters as that brings out the Joy-ful part of my name and nature!

 I know all about the bliss a god daughter can bring, yes!! I have two myself.  So, please tell us what do you eat for breakfast? Do you have a power green smoothie recipe?

Most mornings I start with a green smoothie, which is simply about 40% leafy greens, 60% vegetables and fruits, ice and water. (see this video for how to make:

Mid-morning I love a piece of millet toast (or homemade gluten-free) with coconut oil, honey and cinnamon and either a cup of rooibus (African redbush) or oolong tea lightened with nut milk.

Do you meditate? Spend time in nature? Are you a mountain girl, or beach girl, or both? If so, what does it do for you?

Yes, I do stretch and meditate most mornings for about 20-30 minutes.  I am a long-time student of Kriya Yoga but my meditations are more hybrid at this point.  I would say that I am a river-girl and would probably like best to meander down one in a kayak.  From the moment the boat hits the water I feel a sense of calm.  Honestly it’s something I should do a lot more often…

I love Kayaking as well. One time I got really close to some dolphins. So, LJ, do you have a recipe for life that you would like to share with us?

Well, one of my favorite all-time quotes comes from the Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin:  “We are not humans who happen to be having a spiritual experience; We are spirits who happen to be having a physical experience.”  It took me years to figure out that I had a physical body – always felt more like a talking head who would rather be a spirit. Whatever you are neglecting, be it Body, Mind or Spirit – once you wake up and pay attention, a paradigm shift will occur and open up a brand new life for you.

I am definitely waking up and smelling the green smoothie! 🙂 Thank you so much LJ!     

LindaJoy Rose Contact information :

LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. “LJ”
Author, Therapist, Wellness Chef
Recipes for Body, Mind & Spirit
Life Makeover Therapist

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