Introducing “My Body Reboot”!

I have decided it is time to get super healthy. To stop postponing my wellness. To stop making excuses.The stars are never going to line up perfectly and life is always gonna throw a challenge  my way, so I must learn to accept and maneuver around the obstacle like water. There will always be a distraction that attempts to take my focus away and I must stick with my plan through it all, for I know it will bring me what I seek. True wellness. Wellness is a choice. You will be faced with adversity and will have to make the decision to not  be average on many occasions and to not settle for poor nutrition. You will be invited to parties, family gatherings, social events, go on vacations, celebrate birthdays and weddings,  and may want to eat out once in a while, where you will have to decide whether your health or fitting in is more important. Like Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine”.  I want more than to just look well or have the illusion of being healthy , but to actually feel vibrant, have radiant skin, shiny eyes, fresh breath, big smile, lustrous hair, great attitude, a fit body, and a resilient sharp mind. My plan is to try out my own wellness system I have created.  I refer to the system as “My Body Reboot” as it is designed to give your whole body a fresh start. This means the mind, the body, and the spirit will all be addressed. The premise of the program is to detoxify your body through a juice cleanse and exercise program that will help eliminate the morbid materials while simultaneously  replenishing the cells of your body by eating food high in nutrient  density and enhancing your mind and spirit through breath work and meditation. I big part of the program is developing the mindset to achieve the desired results. Your mind is your biggest asset so take advantage of its power. Whether you just want to tone up and feel good or if you would like to completely transform your mind, body, and spirit. The ” My Body Reboot” System has you covered. You will learn how your body works physiologically and be given the tools, knowledge, and support needed to implement these wellness strategies into a normal busy day as most people live. You will need a desire and a willingness to change for the proper motivation. Don’t wait till your sick and have contracted a disease, make the change now and prevent pain and suffering in the future.  Open your heart and your mind and do something good for yourself. Treat yourself to the wonders of wellness. Be the example and make people stop and ask you ” What is your secret?” The answer is ” My Body Reboot”. I am currently putting together the total system, but to give you an idea I will discuss the components of “My Body Reboot”.

Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul
Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the “My Body Reboot” wellness system. This system was designed to make understanding how the body functions as simple as possible and to give people interested in enjoying life free of pain and disease an easy to follow guide with lots of useful information. It can be used for general knowledge or as a plan of action to follow for the attainment of thriving wellness. I have blended the pillars of wellness: the Mind, Body, and Spirit into a comprehensive program that addresses each synergistically. You will learn with me how to go through a detoxification program and what to expect as well as how to deal with problems that may arise. I will show you the value of eating a whole food based diet and how conventional commercial food is destroying people’s health. In addition to all the insight into food and nutrition, I will also introduce you to a form of exercise I have created that will increase your strength, improve your flexibility, and give you big time energy. My body reboot is designed for anyone that desires “living” in optimal health. The program is designed for life enhancement and is solely based on my own research and opinion. Please check with your doctor before doing this program if you have one. Hopefully you will learn to become your own doctor and take your health into your own hands as a preventative measure. I look forward to sharing the “My Body Reboot ” system in the near future, but until then just remember to eat “real” food,  get quality sleep ,  move your body, smile, and try to love everyone and everything with an open heart. I hope this is helpful and peaks your interest in learning about self-care and how to live well in the modern world. Thank You!  ” Be the change you seek “.

“Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet”

Jared Repass ~ My Body Reboot

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  1. We understood I’m soul/athma. But we are not able to realize that. Why?

    We lived our life by looking outside and accumulated many things using mind. They all got stored in us. When we turn inward accumulations stored in us make us to look outside. We call these accumulations as karma. One should clear this karma first.

    Click here for read full article

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