Introducing, Beautiful Annette Larkins. She shares with us her fountain of youth!

Today’s Present, The Loveling…

Annette Larkins, author of Journey to Health & Journey to Health 2.

“She longs to see a healthier existence throughout the world. Life is worth living if one lives it well.”


“She is beautiful, and she is talented. And a choice she made over 30 years ago, unknowingly at the time, has resulted in a living, breathing, depiction of the fountain of youth. By looking at her photo, you may now make the assumption that this choice was made when she was a mere ten years old. However, get ready for a big surprise! As this gorgeous Loveling may seem only 40 something years old, and perhaps biologically she very well just may be. But read on, as this cultured goddess inspires to alter our lives for the better. Annette has made it very clear to anyone that is fortunate to listen, that her purpose is to help us understand how to take complete control of our most precious commodity…our health. She lives and breathes the example of how beauty begins from within. Along with the assistance of nature, she simply glows just as the organic edible flowers you may find in her salads. On and on she inspires us to be true to our essence. After you get a little “taste” of what Annette has to share, I trust your perception of your health could change dramatically. Annette’s inspiration comes from a simple sense of being “alive” much like the foods that she consumes from her magical garden. My only thought now is, ” can I please come over for dinner”? 🙂

Who is Annette Larkins?

The way that you pose the question compels me to answer in the third person. Annette is a person who strives to be the very best that she can be in order that she may live life optimally. She rises before the morning sun, desirous 0f meeting the day with an attitude and a smile that will promote a day of positive activity. It is not just for her that she seeks quality of life; it is her endeavor to inspire those with whom she comes in contact—be it via telephone, e-mail, or in person. She longs to see a healthier existence throughout the world. Life is worth living if one lives it well.


Can you give any advice to people who are new to the raw living and whole foods lifestyle? Where or how does one begin?

It is simple enough to start with one raw meal a day or even one a week or consider including as much raw food as possible on a daily basis. Actually, one should begin depending on one’s personally; what I mean by that is that people are different. Some can make abrupt changes, going cold turkey; while others need to be weaned. Each of us has to understand the category into which we fit and act accordingly. It is often wise to take small steps when transitioning from one way of life to another. If one moves too swiftly, it could sabotage one’s efforts. However one proceeds, it is necessary to psychologically prepare for the journey. Proper preparation is a good foundation for success.

What are your favorite foods to eat?

I eat according to mood, but some favorite foods are greens, like collards; I very much like sea vegetables, sprouts, nuts, and various fruits. To me the foods that I consume are foods of the gods!

You have such a beautiful garden filled with delicious live foods.  What aspects of having that garden do you enjoy the most?

Well, I feel like I am in paradise when I walk into the house from my back yard, having picked the fruits of my labor.

 Who inspires you?

All of the people who tell me how much I inspire them inspire me. They make me embrace, what seems to be my calling, and as long as they keep feeding me with inspiration, I shall reciprocate.

You have many gifts and talents.  And when did you realize that sharing this particular gift of health was your purpose in life?

About twelve years ago, a series of events occurred that prompted me to write the first booklet, Journey to Health. Even then there was interest but on a smaller level than now.

You are an amazing example of the Hippocrates quote,” Let thy food be thy medicine.” Do you have a recipe for life?

Sure, Jules, my recipe for life is to keep our colons well cleansed, our bodies well fed, and take as much sun as we can without over exposure. Additionally, we must exercise our bodies as well as our minds; get enough rest; then stir well with a positive attitude—take a big slice and enjoy!

Your spirit glows as beautiful as your skin. Do you have a message that you would like to share with the world?

Yes. Smile and you will reap the dividends of the world smiling with you.

I’m smilin Annette! All the way into the kitchen to make my veggie juice! I toast to you and thank you for being born! 

Links to Annette Larkins  :

Web site :

You tube : ABC news

Facebook : Annette Larkins

On Tuesday May 8, 2012 Annette Larkins age 70 will appear on the CBS show ‘The Doctors” to talk about how she preserves her youth, energy and quality of life.

Shine as Love & Light,


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8 Comments on “Introducing, Beautiful Annette Larkins. She shares with us her fountain of youth!

  1. Wow! She is as beautiful and radiant as you are, and someday when you turn 70 many many many many many many many many many many years from now you will look as young as an beautiful as she does.

  2. I can’t wait to see her on the Dr’s, I have it on my calendar!
    Mama Lee

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