Recipe for Jules Spring Cleaning Smoothie, Yum!

Spring cleaning…ahhh, yes. As great as it feels when it’s all done, we all know what could follow : “Something wicked this way comes”…right? DUST, DIRT, ENVIRONMENTAL ICKIES, just to name a few. Where does it all go? Well, it’s got to go somewhere and when we are cleaning, it seems to favor finding its way up our noses and into our mouths, ears and eyes. We can try to protect ourselves the best we can, but dust especially has its way of  sneaking into the orifice of our bodies. The repercussions of this event can result in a disgusting sinus invasion. Which could leave us with a massive case of the blahs, marathon nose runs, scratchy throats and dehydration. There are lots of things we can do such as salt baths and neti pots. One of the issues that is affected the most when we are having sinus problems is our taste buds. Nothing seems to taste good when we can’t breathe. I am not sure why, it just happens that way..just kidding. Okay, so, I have created what I feel is the bomb diddy smoothie that could boost our precious little immune systems right back into business. I have taken the knowledge I’ve learned throughout the years of nutritional expert study  and created a nice blend of body boosting yum yum.  After I drank it, I was up dancing like snoopy in no time. The recipe is posted below. Hope you enjoy it. Salute! To your health!  

    In a high-powered blender mix:

     2 cups of coconut water  ( natural electrolyte )

     1 cup of fresh squeezed organic juice ( vitamin C )

     one cup of blueberries  ( Vitamin C, antioxidants, & good for brain fog)

      one Tbsp. of Almond butter ( protein, potassium, & makes the heart happy)

     One banana  ( calms acidity, lowers blood pressure, & is a natural electrolyte) 

     One heaping Tbsp of organic Colostrum Powder. ( what could be better than mothers milk? )

     One teasp. of Chlorella  ( cleans blood stream, the big “Bouncer” for the body, throwing out all uninvited guests such as metals and ickies that sneak into the liver.

 2 or 3 apricots or apricot oil ( natural bad bacteria deterrent, high in vitamins and minerals it can aid if you have a fever. Even though Apricots are good for earache, I strongly suggest against poring this smoothie in your ears. …;) 

 Shine as Love & Light!

 Jules ❤

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