Living on Whole Foods

Besides doing a great service to the planet, eating a balanced whole foods diet will provide your body with the necessary nutrients needed to sustain life. A plant-based diet is the most efficient way to reduce calories and increase the amount of nutrition your body receives. Your body knows how to extract and utilize  this natural type of food and efficiently discard the rest. When you eat food that is hard to digest such as processed food and animal products, your body becomes taxed as it  clogs up  your system. Making it overworked, depleting your energy, and breaking down your body from the inside out. If you continue to eat dead animals and processed food you ensure that your body will age ungracefully and prematurely and that you will most likely be plagued with poor health and unnecessary pain. If you desire feeling good and having your health, then please  read on.

My upbringing was what I considered at the time normal, as my brothers and I ate what everyone else was eating. We were very involved with extra curricular activities such as swimming, soccer, baseball, and karate so eating on the run was standard. Neither of my parents had an understanding of living healthy. We ate fast food, pizza, sodas, chips and candy. A healthy meal to me was some iceberg lettuce,  shredded cheese, hard-boiled  eggs, bacon bits, and some thousand island dressing. Desserts were a common indulgence as a heaping bowl of  ice cream with all the fixins or  a chocolate milkshake were my favorites.

Being an athlete hid the damaging effects these food choices were secretly doing. The effects accumulate over a lifetime and show up when you are older. It’s very sad to see somebody work their entire life to provide for a family and when they finally reach retirement age they are unfortunately  too unhealthy to enjoy the fruits of their labor. This will not be me. I have chosen to take control of my own health. It starts with personal choices. Choose to be healthy. As to make just that choice is the hardest part. Once you decide that health is a priority to you, then you will have the motivation needed , and the rest is just about altering your habits. Culturally we need to get more knowledgeable about what we consume. The simple rule to follow is the closer the food is to nature the better it is for you. Eat real living food that comes from great organic soil that is pesticide and chemical free. Avoid processed foods because they are filled with chemicals. Food at the store is just an illusion. It is not even real food. It is food like substances designed to emulate food.

The benefits of whole foods diet:

There are many benefits to eating a whole food plant-based diet. One of the best perks is how light we become and  our energy levels increase to new heights.  In addition, you will notice how much better your body works. Your senses are enhanced and your skin will begin to glow. Your eyes will become shiny and you will view the world from a more vivid lens. You will feel more confident as you radiate your clean energy outward. You will also smell cleaner because your body will no longer be rotting from the inside. You will naturally be clean so you will no longer need to rub chemicals under your arm pits and spray poison fragrances to smell fresh. You will have more money leftover because your grocery bill will be greatly reduced on a plant-based diet. You will also reduce your carbon footprint significantly as the majority of the energy and land used in the US is for growing food to feed the methane gas spreading cows and using all our precious water in the process. Is that enough reasons to make the switch.

When you are ready to make the transition just remember to start small and build yourself up slowly. Just start by adding more natural foods and reducing the amount of processed ones, eventually you will no longer desire the “fake” foods and your body will celebrate and provide joy for you in return.

Heal yourself, heal the planet,


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6 Comments on “Living on Whole Foods

  1. Dearest Jules, I can’t thank you enough for helping me a year ago along my path to eating a more healthy diet (no meat), it has totally changed my life. I am 69 and just left the Dr’s office to be told that I am in perfect health, no aches, or pains, and no medicine! I am so excited about my diet and exercise and owe so much to you! You are my angel and I love you very much! Mama Lee

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