Making Room for Bliss

 Wow! It has been a really intense 2 days of renovating our office. We gave it a complete overhaul. Needless to say, I am pooped. 🙂 Earlier this month I blogged about spring cleaning and releasing attachments to things that aren’t really serving a purpose for you anymore. I have to say, after the last 2 days of working on this office project, as tired as I am, I feel completely liberated!!! YAY! My office looks beautiful, my mind seems less cluttered and I am totally excited about being able to recycle some of my stuff to others that may need it. I posted some some before and after photos of all our hard work and the beautiful result. Perhaps they will inspire you to get a little creative and release the old and in with the new energies, yes? Check it out and enjoy!!! 

Shine as Love & Light!


Here are three “Before” photos of my office….YIKES!!! Right? Too Much Stuff!!

And three “After” photos!!! Can you feel my joy?!!! Oh yeah! I am blissed out for sure! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 

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