Human Kindnessessary :)

Kindness is one step from which you can reap great benefits. The rewards are sweeter than the most incredible chocolate bar you have ever tasted. It gives us the chance to step away from ourselves long enough to consider another person’s happiness. In turn, it feeds our own heart — a most nourishing delight. Kindness is a smile to a stranger and a moment given to a troubled soul. It is sharing your lunch with someone who is hungry, even though you only have enough for yourself. Kindness is a hug, a gentle word of hope, and returning something borrowed with a little extra added to it — even if it is just a thank-you. Kindness is a thought, a wish and a prayer for all man-kind to have all that makes one happy in life. Kindness is the understanding that all of what we acquire in our lives, whether it be material or in our innate natures, can be shared. Although giving and sharing may be one of life’s most priceless gifts, let it never be at the expense of yourself. For true kindness will cost you nothing yet pays tenfold.

Kindness balances the give and take of life. We must remember to take a moment to be kind to ourselves as well as others. So, hug and smile at yourself first; you will find you have more than enough to share.

Shine as Love & Light,


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