Spring Cleaning !

The other day, I walked around the inside of my home and something dawned on me. I have too much stuff. Freeing up energy in your home can be very liberating. I have decided that there may be a lot of people who could benefit from some of the “stuff” that I have that I am not using anymore. Time to recycle!! I actually have clothes that are almost brand new that I haven’t worn in 2 or more years. I may have only worn it once. I don’t know about you, but I have a few really comfie clothes that I wear all the time and the rest of my closet is filled with beautiful clothes and shoes that I just don’t have much in common with anymore. Same goes for anything in every room in my house. They are things that I may have felt an attachment too in the past, but now, I feel it’s time to let go. It just feels gluttonous to me to keep it. I am sure there are other people who may appreciate having it much more than I do. And that is what life is all about. At least it is to me. Once anything becomes stagnant in my life, I access it. Is it worth saving? Another aspect of releasing things is that it has always been my experience that once I set something free, something else comes into my life which flows for the betterment of what is going on in my life now. Now is the key word here. So today I am spending time going from room to room assessing what is conducive to my life,”now”. Anything that is not can be shared. I am also going to consider having my very first garage sale. How fun is that!! Actually I know it’s a lot of work but it could be fun too. Some of my most cherished treasures have been found at garage sales. The thought of being able to contribute that feeling in another by sharing what i have that I no longer need makes me happy as well. Anything that doesn’t sell I will give away to a shelter. All the way around it’s just feels so good! So, Hi Ho! HI HO! it’s back to work I go!

Shine as Love & Light!


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4 Comments on “Spring Cleaning !

  1. Very Cool! I stumbled upon your blog and LOVED this post! I have a rule, if I haven’t worn something in 3 months I keep it in the “maybe” section of the closet. In 3 months I revisit, and if it still hasn’t been touched, no matter how “beautiful” the item is, it’s gotta go! Letting go of attachment during the season of renewal and rebirth feels amazing! Thanks for this post and Happy Spring, Namaste!

    • YES! I love your idea. It’s so beautiful to keep that energy from becoming stagnant. Thanks so much for sharing. Blissings to you! 🙂

  2. Transformations are good in whatever form we allow them to happen. Good luck with your garage sale.

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