I am going to be completely honest with you. Here I sit, in front of my computer for hours now, staring mindlessly with writers block. 🙂 I tried distracting myself by googling stuff, read my facebook and emails for a bit thinking that something would trigger a thought or something…anything, where I felt inspired to write about but to no avail…sigh. It felt really strange to me because normally and as a rule, my brain just does not shut down, even when I am sleeping I have very vivid dreams.  I always seem to have something to share. Interestingly enough,  it wasn’t that I didn’t really have anything to share. I did, and I do have tons of really informative and fun subjects that I could have written about. However, for some reason, nothing felt right.

 Just as I was about to completely throw in the towel and call it a night, that is when it ironically  dawned on me. I am supposed to be quiet tonight. The message I am to share with you is about going within. it really doesn’t get more Organic than that, right? Sometimes, no, most of the time, it feels so good to just be silent. To sit and listen to our breath. To hear the words of the heart. To have a little conversation with our source can be so empowering and comforting. Especially when there is a lot going on in our lives. I spent a lot of quality time in nature today. So I guess this is just a continuation of the day that has now come into the night. My day and evening has been lovely. My wish for you is that you take some of this time for yourself as well. Even if you stop for just a few moments,unplug, and reach deep inside where the light is always bright. Brighter than the full moon is tonight. Brighter than the sun will shine tomorrow. I shall close now with an excerpt from my book, “Where hope Lives”. Thank you all for sharing in this space of love with me and remember… just be, and...

Shine as Love & Light,


Speak to me with your eyes…So I may see colours of a most vibrant flower… Speak to me with your heart… So I may know of a world beyond… And if you would be so kind, to take just one moment, So I may feel this everlasting hope that surrounds such spirit… I dare make one request…Granted – embrace me fast So I may receive kisses from these sacred clouds. Then speak to me with your soul, for it is in the sweetest sound of your silence – ‘Tis where I can hear you.

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