Are you “Hungry for Knowledge”?

They say ” Knowledge is Power”! Thus, the knowledge of the food products you ingest needed to sustain your life is very important indeed. After all,what good is life if you don’t have your health. If you are interested in learning the ins and outs of how to better maintain your health in terms of what and what not to eat then check out the documentary film “Hungry for Knowledge”. This amazing documentary is a must see!

Learn how the use of  chemicals in our food system is degenerating the health of our species and what you can do about it. Get the scoop on how the food industry uses addiction and marketing to lure people into making horrible purchases of “food-like” products that are high in calories and low in nutrition which leads to obesity and health issues amongst the masses. It will explain the dangers of sugar and the epidemic of food related illness, which is alarming and astonishing. Find out what is really in your food and the damaging effects of these chemicals. Refuse to be part of the food industries experiments. Get informed! Take control of your well being. Experts in the field of nutrition and  wellness will educate and inspire you to make changes as you begin to realize that food matters. If you have struggled with health or weight issues or know anyone who has, then this movie is your answer. You will learn detox strategies and also what types of foods used to clean up your body as well as what foods to start adding into your eating regime. The reasons for diet failure will be explained and you will learn new strategies for success in the attainment of health. This is a movie that needs to be shared. Every school in the world and every parent should watch this film before falling into the trap of food addiction. Please watch the trailer and browse the site then inform everyone you know to do the same. Wishing you health and happiness!

” Heal Yourself , Heal the Planet” 

Jared Repass ~ My Body Reboot 

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