Spiritual Meaning of the Magnificent Owl

Today I write this post in honor of my beautiful friend, Nat-r-Be.

 Nature is in constant communication with us.Whether we believe it to be true or completely understand this fact, it is true. Communicating with Nature can be  no different from going to a foreign land without knowing the language. At first we may have some trouble speaking and hearing each other, but eventually  with practice, and with an open heart, we absolutely can and will know when Nature has something to share with us.

The way I find it easy to communicate with Nature is to connect each element, animal, insect and, or, any aspect of itself to a message.

There are specific spiritual meanings, signs if you will, that when they cross the paths of our lives they are trying to give us confirmation to what is going on in our lives.

The spiritual meaning of an owl communicates to us through it’s wisdom, that You are being called upon to open your eyes, ears and mind to the truth of a situation. To listen to the wisdom deep in your heart and soul. That still small voice is trying to reach you in some way. To assist you or help you in a current challenge you may be facing. 

Some people believe that owls bring fortune for making wise choices.

If an owl has visited you, an incredible gift has been bestowed.  Also, keep in mind that animals are only called to those who share the same energy.  In other words, you hold within you some of the very same symbolic attributes the owl represents.

To illustrate, you may have abilities to know things that others do not know.  It may be likely you have very strong intuitive abilities that can be fine-tuned.  Further, you may be strong-willed person, and/or have a protective side to you. 

Many cultures pay tribute to the Owl as:

63 Comments on “Spiritual Meaning of the Magnificent Owl

  1. A owl hit my car today on my side door…it freaked me out. This has never happened to me…I am looking for answers. Can you help?

  2. I found your message very fulfilling. It resonated with me as truth. Thank you for your efforts to bring your message to the world. Peace! Awomb!

  3. A huge horn-tuffed owl recently came to me on my balcony and would not leave for a long time. What does this mean? This happened about 2 months ago and I cannot stop thinking about it.

    • Hi Paula, The best thing to do is to re read this post slowly, taking in all its offering in terms of what the owl is trying to communicate to you. As you scan across the information, listen closely to your breathing and heart beating. Do you notice any skips or changes when you come across a certain word or sentence? Hope this helps wise one. 🙂 xo

  4. I have been seeing owl ornaments in shops over the last month. I am not looking for they just happen to be in a shop
    I bought one at a market to put on my bookshelf and its so funny to walk into a strange shop and I laugh ..owls hi there..sometimes I get the buzzes down my back when I talk about them to the shop assistant.
    Are they my guides giving me directions or to that nature?
    We sometimes have a tawny mouth one visit mainly in winter which it is now.
    Thank you

    • All of nature is our guide. The owl has something to share with you. I encourage you to go into the silent space of your heart to receive the answers you seek. ❤

  5. Thankyou for your article, I was looking to try & understand what came to me in a meditation last night, I was round a fire with other Indians & we were all dancing then I saw an owl flying towards me so I put up my right arm & he landed on my right hand bringing with him a sprig of greenery for me then he flew away, then some children came around me to play then I went & sat down near the fire & a man sat behind me cuddling me & we watched the others dancing around the fire, There was so much love there

  6. I was sitting on my porch and an Owl came right up and sat with me. I feel so honored and it happened on Jan. 1, 2014. I talked to him and he even let me take his picture. He stayed for about 20 minutes. I am still in awe! I wish I could send the picture.

  7. Today i saw an owl in the woods while mushroom hunting and slowly walked up to him and he didnt move at all so i petted him on the back of the head and he still didnt move so then i reached down and picked him up and he didnt try to peck me or claw me at all he just stayed calm. What does that mean

    • Hi Seth. “What does that mean”, you ask? It means, Wow! You are so blessed and one with nature. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. This was a marvelous post! I deeply enjoyed it and had to share on FaceBook. Is there one on the sea turtle? I have believe he is my totem.
    God be with you!

    • Thank you Dorothy. I may write with the sea turtle soon. 🙂 Tell me, what is it that makes resonate so much with the sea turtle?

  9. Hi,I am an artist by profession,today morning I had an owl in my balcony from 5:30-till almost 12:00at noon,I was feeling so deeply connected with it I even sketched it out,it was so good really beautiful. …. This is a second time we had owl at our place …. But this experiance was something different… I read through your post .. I cannot tell if its intution but yes at times I dream about something, say an earthqwake or a massacre or something spiritual about water ,flowers or light… Has any such things got some connection…

    Also ,the place where the owl had come and sat for so long,I have a bogan villa plant there,Abd on it just a few days back I had put a stained glass artifact of an owl,painted by me, Abd that very place the owl came abd sat,…… Surprising!!

  10. I experienced a special encounter with a small owl a couple of weeks ago. It was Sunday evening around 7:00 pm and I had just left my house when I saw the owl on the edge of the opposite side of the road. I was intrigued by my siting as the owl is my favorite bird. I turned my car around and stopped about 10 feet in front of it with my headlights shinning brightly on it. The owl just sat there and even turned it’s head and starred into my headlights. It’s beautiful eyes appeared to be green. I had my iPhone handy and I got out of the car and approached the bird for a picture. The lighting of my car provided a great shot and the owl actually seemed to pose for me as it turned it’s head to face me and I took a great picture. I had time to take another but, I thought there was no need as I glanced at the picture and it appeared to be a perfect shot. I then enjoyed my encounter as the owl continued to look at me until I took a step toward it and it flew away. I then got back into my car and reviewed my picture. At first, I was upset as the image was only a vapor or smoke type image of the owl. It is the strangest thing as you can see completely through the image and even see the payment and background which is very clear. You can see that there is a ghost looking form and I know it is the owl but it isn’t the picture I took. Everyone I share the photo with, has a different reaction and idea or explanation, but, all say it appears to be a spirit. I am seeing it as a positive experience and choose to believe that owl had some reason for allowing me to spend the time engaging it. After reading your spiritual meaning before this posting, I find your explanation positive and I appreciate your insight. I have the picture if anyone would like to see it.

    • Wow Lisa, as soon as I began reading your story, my first gut feeling was that you were being visited by a spirit guide. And it turns out that it could actually be true. Very nice. I’m happy for you. 🙂

  11. Hi
    Just loved your post. I had an owl come sit with me on my balcony this morning at 530 am, It watched and nodded and me, such gentle eyes, it wasnt scared of me at all. As tho’ it came to just have a chat! We very rarely get owls in our City in India, and this is the first time in my 55 yrs I have ever met one. Magnificent creature and so gentle. I def taking it as a good omen.. wish it would visit more often. Thanks for the lovely interpretation Feeling blessed 🙂

  12. Hi my name is danny I had owl at my place today it’s was on the corner of the house I have had a owl do this in three house,s I haved lived in. this has not happen in a long time but when it seen me it had a long look then flow away I had a strang thort about a owl being around me and there it was I realy love them thay are so special y would this be happening to me danny

    • Hi Danny,
      I invite you to re- read the post that I wrote here on the owl. As you look it over, does anything resonate with your connection of that experience ? Whenever you are communicating with nature, it’s really important to focus your intention within. The quieter you become, the more you will hear. 🙂

  13. I am virgo. Full moon in virgo last night. An owl has been perching on our roof the last few nights. Last night it was here again and VERY loud on our roof ! I know it is a strong message for me to begin a new journey with my spiritual knowledge. I have always felt drawn to these birds. But it was hooting and singing SO loud last night. And under that beautiful full moon ! It was awesome. Opinions please ?

  14. My search for the meaning of my encounter the other day has lead me to your post. I have a natural strong connection to animals and nature, and often understand our meetings and time together and get so much from them all. But this encounter I have yet to understand. It was something different than I have ever felt. I look forward to seeking the gift it gave me. I have already come to realise has been with me always in this life. But my friendship has only just begun with awareness. Thank you

  15. For the last 2 years I have had owls fly next to me away from me, starred at me then fly away from me. The other night I was outside and decided to have some fun so I started meowing. I guess I stricked up a conversation with something because for about a good 10 min I would meow then I’d hear what was kinda a meow but wasn’t. I was afraid I’d pissed off a mountain lion. Anyhow I’d stop and wait then it would meow, what ever, like it was calling me. When I didn’t respond I felt like a wind go by and heard something of a little animal sound, maybe hamster like. I meowed and it meowed but then it was gone. My bf said it was an owl. I googled owl sounds and sure enough that was what was communicating with me. What do you think

    • It sounds like it could very well have been an owl, yes. Your intuition can answer that best. Have you tried to make contact again? I like that you are having fun with nature. 🙂

  16. I live on an acreage and have never noticed or heard an owl before. Last night I heard a loud thud on my front door. I turned on the outside lights and there was an owl sitting on my front step. It starred directly at me for a few moments, spread its large wings and flew off. I’ll never forget those eyes, only a few feet from me. It’s like it was trying to relay a message to me or something. I’m confused why it did not see my house at night given its keen night vision.

    • Hi Jason,
      When an owl comes knocking at your front door, I would be inclined to know that it was not an accident. Beautiful, that you made eye contact. Congratulations on receiving a gift from such an awesome messenger. 🙂

  17. I miss my great horned owl friend. We talked everyday for months. I only saw him once, but he started the conversations when I’d go out early in the morning to have coffee on the porch. I wished so much to see him, and he finally came and stood under the the security light as if he were reading my mind. He was really tall.

  18. I had an owl land on me about two years ago… the following year in the same season my father passed away… this experience was peaceful, quiet, and epic..it hung around hours before it had left. When i thought it had left for good i walked around the house to lock the vehicles up and it was sitting on top of my dads truck…. it begin to follow me around the house from tree to tree and came right back to me to stand on my shoulder…. it stared at me so long before it had left… i had a friend with me as well… it had nothing to do with her …..email me for pics… i would like to talk about this further

    • Beautiful story Joshua. Thank you for sharing it with us. You know that is not a common occurrence, yes? Everything you need to know is within you, and you are “wise” enough to know what that is. Be true, to “whooo” you are. 🙂

  19. Hi. I saw an owl fly past me outside as I was standing there. About an hour later , I was sitting out side again and the owl seemed to be back again sitting in the tree, and seemed to be chatting away, but I walked inside as very late and I’m very tired, I’m having a few problems with my boyfriend for a while now and I have no friends or family where I live and spend most days crying because of my boyfriend. I really want to get back home to my family. What could this mean with the owl visiting?

    • Hi Kassy,
      The owl encourages us to be true to who we are. It sounds like you know in your heart what you need to do to fullfill your heart. And the visit with the owl just confirms that. Believe in yourself. You are much stronger and wiser than you realize in times when facing adversity. Step into your power ! Make it happen !! ❤

  20. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Dealing. But, all of a sudden I am seeing owls everywhere. Even stuffed owl animals. It was happening so much, I could not shrug it off. I thought to search on owls, because it kept seeming that it meant something. I am not ‘into’ these sorts of things. Imagine my surprise to find out what owls mean.

    Don’t worry. I am not afraid to die. Just thought this might be of value to someone.

    • Hello Whammy,
      My heart sends you love. Have you heard of Matt Monarch and the Raw Food World? I am sending you a link to a you tube video on a woman that healed her stage 4 cancer with a raw food diet. Not sure of you are open to an alternative path but I still feel strongly to share this with you. ❤

    • Thought it was time to update. It has been 9 months. I had a CT scan 2 weeks ago & no answer, no answer…making me crazy, but too afraid to ask. I had a total larengectomy May 9th. Was in hospital until june 28th. I can no longer speak or smell. That has been so tough, the surgery did not go well. A BAD infection & had to undergo surgery again after 3 days. Needless to say, it has been a long & slow rehab. Getting used to being non-verbal, but I REALLY miss not being able to smell.

      However, since they decided I WAS recovering, they wantred a CT scan to address lung issues from a precious PET scan (tthat I was unaware of. I HATE it when people withhold info from me.) Turns out I have to do another biopsy, lung. And last time I had a biopsy, I came to, 2 days later with a larengectomy without my consent.
      So I am scared to death & tring to stop crying & make my plans.

      I want to thank all of you for your support. I VERY much thank you.

      • Best wishes and positive vibes. Take care.

  21. On my last evening with my six year old grandson, a great big owl flew over and landed on our garage roof. He sat for a moment to just gaze at us – this was an amazing moment shared with one another since I was leaving to relocate for employment and to begin a “new chapter in my life”. We share a great bond between us and it was just an awesome sign of greater things to come!

  22. Ok so I like what you had to say and feel a little more at peace. I lived in Reno NV for 2 years and my last 6 months of living there we had an owl perched outside our bedroom window on the house. We didn’t see it every night but at least 3 or 4 times a week. He just sits there and hoots. Then we moved to NM and about 2 weeks after we moved in. Same thing this owl perches outside our bed room window and we see it 3 or 4 times a week. And this has been going on for 7 months now. I swear it’s the same owl.

  23. I was sitting on the couch with my dog, drinking a glass I found wine having one last smoke before bed..it was around 2:00am. And something hit my front door.. knuckles (my dog) started barking of course.. curious about what it could be.. I forgot to mention I live in a cabin up in the mountains in irwin, idaho.. I opened the door and an owl was laid wings out.. on my welcome matt.. I’ll attach a video and some photos so you can appreciate how amazing it was..

  24. woow. I aunestly have to say i am so relieved knowing that what i just read regarding the owl singing..It brought tears to my eyes and soothed in my heart.That it’s all me. even though i haven’t had a steady peacefull life, I still believe things happen for a reason. It’s so good to know we are blessed with mother nature. What a beautiful feeling that brings to my life.
    God is good.

  25. I have a barn owl that sits on my neighbours house and hoots, everytime this owl has been on the roof something bad happens, is it a bad omen, I am terrified to look at it in case something bad happens to me.

    • No Monbotes, not at all a bad omen. Quite the contrary. The owl represents wisdom. I would invite you to consider that the owl is there as a sign for you to have more awareness of things to come by using your instinct to avoid a situation that could be unpleasant for you? Just a thought. 🙂

  26. A large owl graced my father with its presence, it was perched on his back gate, it was looking at him so intently, my father passed away a few weeks later and it has been on mums mind ever since, it was a large brown owl , we are in a town centre but there is a canal atvthe back of my parents bungalow & there are alot of wildlife around, but this was an unusual event!!

  27. In this time of the year in my neighborhood we can see one small brown owl. It happens in recent few years, we also can hear her loud voice, and it seems all around is ok. There are many houses pretty crowded, and today we realized that small owl brought 2 newborns exactly on the hole below my attic’s planks. Hope this will bring some good events.

  28. No driving home from the store at 3 a.m. this morning I had a beautiful white owl with wingspan about 7 feet fly right in front of me and then right next to my side of the truck only about 10 to 15 feet away for about 3 to 5 seconds and then it turned into the neighborhood that I was going in This was pretty awesome and I totally was in a state of awwww, like time stopped. I was wondering if anybody had any idea if this event has meaning or significance that I should be aware of.
    P.s. Great Article
    Trent Spann

  29. I have a deep respect for owls. I in fact have one tattooed on me holding a rope that is roping a moon with a feather attatched which goes into a band and around in which it makes a rattle snake that is open. Also stars around it which my tattoo artist told me was some of the old tattooing and there is a star of bethleham in with the other stars. This came to me after having a vision 17 years ago i was in a bed of white in woods and the moon shining bright and an owl past over the moon. Not too long after i learned i was pregnant with my son. I have been told by some it was a visit by the moon maiden. So anyways tonight my son and i were going along the path where i first saw the owl before the vision and the idea of the tattoo came to me and my son was driving and a baby owl flew out into the side of car. As we went further down the road something told me to blow the smoke so i lit a cigarette and blew to each direction as we were driving. Ok so we picked up my daughter i decided to drive and i was telling her about it and that it meant something and on the way back in about the same spot i blew the smoke an adult owl was sitting in the road starring at me i stepped on the breaks and came to a complete stop it was then that the owl flew off to the right of us. As we came closer to where we hit the baby i saw no trace of it. Am i crazy or is this a sign and what do you think of all this or what could it mean? Please help. Thanks

  30. That is so cool! I just love nature. I love every aspect of it. I feel more at home in the woods than I do my own house. I had a big beautiful barn owl just come and sat himself down right in front of my door watching me as if he were trying to tell me something.

  31. Hello, I need help please. for the past 4 years every other year I have a baby owl in my front lawn. I would pick it up and take him inside and call animal control. I think I have a nest there. This year a baby owl feel down my chimney the weird part was that the tree they are in is not close the my chimney . the owl was stuck for a week in the chimney we thought is was a small bird or squirrel but when it fell it was a baby owl just like the year before. is there a meaning to this I feel its a good luck but again I feel it’s a warning. Now a week before I saw a big owl fly in front of my husband and I and I told him it’s a warning of bad news. 2 days later my grandson and daughter n law almost died in a head on collision car accident . they stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks.

  32. What if something bad happened when you saw the owl?

  33. I started seeing owls about 3 years ago after my daughter was born, first time i saw it my daughter was very ill, i went outside to pick up some laundry and it was right there.. a beautiful white owl staring at me (I was so scared since people say owls means death and my little girl was sick then) after that i started seeing them alot maybe 3 to 4 times a week i remember once it was on the roof in the morning staring right at my door and i thought it was so scary.. So last weekend i drove for about 12 hours and as soon as i landed an owl flew over the car and touched the ground and flew again. This happened twice, first it happened when i dropped of a friend at their place and happened again when i was at my gate (same night). Something about birds,ducks and owls when ever i see them something good happens.. could this be my animal totem?

    Please help, Thank you

  34. I had an owl visit me about 6 months ago. It has haunted me ever since. Because I know shooed the owl away when I saw him. I guess you should know that at that time I had just driven home from the funeral home from making arrangements for my husband who had just committed suicide a few days prior. You see there was another bird to come and visit me about a week before my husband’s death. It didn’t dawn on me at the time but I no now that bird was trying to say something. But back to the owl that was the second bird to visit me and I was so mad at my husband at that point I told the owl to go away. I have thought about that owl almost every single day since. Maybe one day I can be blessed again to have the owl visit me and this time I listen to him.

  35. I love what you wrote it was really beautiful nature is really beautiful thank you

  36. Tonight just after sunset an owl landed in the tree outside my window just watching in as though watching me. I have never seen one so close I could see the outline of its ears. It only stayed less than five minutes. I hope its visit isn’t an omen of bad luck. I felt special…a message as though all will be well.

  37. It’s a little past midnight I was headed home with my wife Athena and brother Kendrick funny as it may seem but I can’t help but noticing a nice size owl crossing our path as we entered the neighborhood never have I seen an owl drop at grown level from flying it puzzles me now even more because my wife is actually a real witch and named Athena I did some research on this but can’t catch a clue to what I’m reading can u please help me understand the meaning of this occupancy?

  38. I am in the middle of a possible divorce with so much indecision…today I was visited by a beautiful huge owl in the front yard. Then an hour or so later I was at my favorite local coffee shop the barista brought out my coffee and said hey I made you an owl…. I was shocked he said I have never done an owl but thought you might like it….Clearly the universe is talking to me and your post is helping me understand the message. So thank you!
    I am recently getting more in tune with the universe and opening my mind.

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