Grow your own Garden of Eden!

Do you know where your food is coming from and how it  is produced? I see where the slogan ” Ignorance is Bliss” comes from. When it comes to the food sold in the chain and commercial grocery stores it would be more uplifting to use your imagination and create a friendly story about how great the animals we slaughter are treated and how wonderful and lush the soil is that our vegetables grow in, but unfortunately that is not the reality. Our food comes from nasty factories where animals are abused and feed unnatural products and pumped up with steroids and antibiotics to increase profit, at the expense of the people who purchase these low-grade foods.YUCK!

The produce is just as bad from genetically modified crops, and infertile land, to the massive use of chemicals and fertilizers that pollute the land and the consumer, while producing low quality flavorless food .

Our land is being used inefficiently and we must change as a collective sooner than later. There is a colossal waste of resources and destruction of land associated with the mass production of beef and conventional produce. We need to get back to community based agriculture and help each other become more self-sufficient. One way to start is by growing your own food and it’s not as hard as you may believe. With the prices of gas going up, naturally the price of food will continue to go up, and your lifestyle will go down. Our money is being devalued and growing your own food is a solution to keeping more of your money for yourself while also doing good for the planet. I’ve personally adopted the less is more mentality and I try to avoid consumerism and conventional practices as much as possible. Growing your own Garden of Eden is a very empowering and rewarding endeavor to pursue. The benefits to yourself and your contribution to the world will be appreciated. Being a semi nonconformist and rule breaker, I encourage people to break the mold and fight against the oppressors of the world and become the loving and caring species we are intended to be.  Wouldn’t you love to take a trip to your backyard to grab some lettuce and vegetables and make a “fresh” salad knowing exactly where the food came from or go outside and pick some delicious fruit from the tree?

Think about the savings! In time and money. You will not have to drive your gas-powered car to the store and spend your time wandering down each aisle spending your hard earned money on lousy food. It’s a Win/Win/Win situation.You retain personal and financial health and the mother earth celebrates one less offense against her. Below are some links to some helpful websites as well as some recommended books on the subject. Feel free to share this everyone you know! Thank You! for information on growing food and for a picture of a different world and for minimal space maximum yield

BOOKS: Ann Lovejoy’s Organic Garden Design School (Rodale Organic Gardening Book) and Rosalind Creasy’s, “The Complete Guide to Edible Landscaping.” , as well as SOLVIVA How to grow $500,000 on one acre by. Anna Edey.

Also check with your local growers for help and guidance and get involved with community based groups.

“Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet”

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4 Comments on “Grow your own Garden of Eden!

  1. What an excellent post! I am blessed that my mother has instilled a lot of organic eating habits since childhood. We have a fantastic veggie garden in the backyard!

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