Introducing, “Shawn Jason”. His message is clear… I LOVE YOU PASS IT ON!

Today’s Present, The Loveling …

Shawn Jason, Creator of

” LOVE… love your Self, love your neighbour, love All that is. I feel that when more of the world is living in the energy of love, (opposite of fear), there will be a transformation of humanity

For the last few years Shawn has been fully committed to and active in creating events & projects for the greater good of all. His home base is in Ontario Canada. You may know him through The Love Crew or from the Lightworkers Of The World network which together have positively, directly touched the lives of at least 10’s of thousands of people around the world.

After learning and growing from organizing dozens of various sized events through these labels, some of which saw hundreds of warm souls attending and instigating over 100 other positive energy events to happen around the world, Shawn is expanding his reach through the new ILYPIO organization. Learn more @

ILYPIO = I Love You Pass It On ❤

Who is Shawn Jason?

 A creator, an instigator, a catalyst for change. A lover, a lightworker, a hippie some would say.

You appear to live an Organic lifestyle. Do you drink green smoothies? 🙂

Mmmmmmm green smoothies! Absolutely. I also love pink smoothies and purple smoothies too. Lol. I make all kinds of smoothies but the most common one I make is with strawberries, blueberries, an orange and a banana… and I like to add parsley too. Add a little almond milk and ice, blend it all together and wowee! Absolutely delicious candy from mother nature 🙂 Sometimes I blend in a little honey if the fruit is not the sweetest. I’ll often add other things like hulled hemp seeds or protein powder or ground flax seeds, etc. for some extra goodness.

 Sounds scrumptious!  Please tell us, what inspired you to create, and can you share with us the vision of this company?

I wanted a short, easy to remember name that carries a powerful message. Since ILYPIO is an acronym for “I Love You Pass It On” and is only 6 letters long, ILYPIO qualifies quite well 🙂 It is through this conscious organization, brand and label that we will be touching the world in many positive ways.

My vision for ILYPIO has many layers, but the primary vision is to build a family of conscious business ventures that are in tune with the earths new energies of love, kindness & compassion. We all know so many things are changing, there is no doubt, and things are also changing in the ways we conduct business and trade. ILYPIO is about testing and exploring and inspiring new ways of working, living and playing together in harmony with each other and the earth. ILYPIO is about positive creation and expression and is focused on helping people follow their bliss.

Your brilliance shines through the creation of Yet I want to ask you if you like to write, draw or paint as well?

 Thanks Jules. I dream big and love to create… and since I have always been a believer that ANYTHING is possible, I have been focused on growing something large and unique. I do very much love to write, paint and draw too though and it is something I have just started getting back into again after a long time away from creating in that way. I was very focused on creating in a business sense for many years, but as my own heart continues to open more and more I find myself feeling nudged to create again using inks & paints & imagination. So far I have been giving away everything I draw and paint to family and friends but the next couple or few pieces I make will be contributed to ILYPIO to put in the online store.

The 101 voices of love project is genius!! What is your hope regarding this conception and please share with us how more people can get involved?

Glad to hear you love it too 🙂 There are 2 primary intentions that inspired this particular project. One is to provide people an inexpensive way to express themselves and have their voice heard AND become a published author. The other is to cause more ripples of love energy to spread around the world by sprinkling 10,000 or more copies of this collective book creation around the world for free.

Anyone with some inspiring & uplifting words of wisdom & love they wish to share with the world is invited to secure a page in this book by making a financial contribution to this project. It is these contributions pooled together that are allowing us to print 10,000 copies of this book to give away for free! A little bit from a lot of people can do really big things… bigger than most of us can do individually. This project is a great example of the power of people uniting and I hope it inspires more people to see the abilities we have when we truly work together as one. Explore this book project further @


You are such an inspirational example in terms of attracting the pureness of Love. Can you share with us what you fear? And how to do over come those fears?

What do I fear? That’s a good question. There is very little that I fear these days, but I do still have a fear of public speaking that I have not yet been able to understand. I tend to get super nervous when put in the spotlight even though I have so much I wish to share. In the last handful of years I have organized and hosted dozens of events but never place myself in front of the groups to speak.

However, as with all fears, it is wise to look at them head on and embrace them in order to transform them into more constructive forms of energy. So I have been accepting interview requests finally after declining a few dozen requests over the last few years. I have just recently started accepting requests and doing interviews and of course that fear has been lessening each time I do it. Want to help me with this fear? Interview me 🙂 Let’s

 Sounds like you are stepping into your power and slaying the dragon, I like it!!! Do you have a message that you would like to share with the world?

 My message to the world? LOVE… love your Self, love your neighbour, love All that is. I feel that when more of the world is living in the energy of love, (opposite of fear), there will be a transformation of humanity. When the world is more in the energy of giving, sharing, kindess & compassion we will evolve into a world that does not see wars, violence, disease, starvation etc. I feel that time is arriving right now. There is enough of everything for everyone, but so long as we are in a state of fear based thinking, ego and greed will continue to rule this planet.

Wonderfully, as I see it, this is rapidly changing! Yay!!! For real, humanity is awakening from the deep sleep we have been in for so long. Love energy is consuming the globe faster and faster and more and more people are waking up and stepping up to BE the change & CREATE the change we wish to see in the world. The world is rapidly changing based on our collective beliefs and focus so I encourage people to choose to stay in the light and create in ways that are good for people and good for the world in general.

I have created special social collaboration website for those involved with any of the ILYPIO Teams or Projects. All warm souls are welcome to come be a part of this unique creation we are calling ILYPIO 🙂


 Thank you Shawn! I LOVE YOU PASS IT ON! These valuable words you shared with us today speak volumes. 

Links to Shawn Jason :

Web site :

You Tube :

Shine as Light & Love,

Jules ❤

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