Extra ! Extra! Read all about it!!

I am very happy and proud to announce my up and coming e book! Whether you are a cosmetology student, barber, new hairstylist or a veteran in the industry, this book is filled with a plethora of  insights on how to be blissfully successful in the magical world of the hair . This book is my contribution to you, and has helped me to shine with pride. It should be ready to launch very soon, so make sure you keep checking into the blog for more details. Whether it’s for you, or you may decide to give it as a gift, please know that it is my honor to share this lifetime of knowledge with you. 

The book is called :

Be Here, HAIR with Jules … How to Get both Financially & Spiritually Rich Being a Hairstylist.

Below is a description of the chapters you can look forward to reading. There could be a slight possibility of a subject to change before the actual launch, however this gives you the gist :

Introduction :

“With my deepest gratitude to you for purchasing this book, I will start by introducing myself. My name is Jules. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for close to thirty years. With no regrets, I share with you that much of the time of my career was perceptively spent in a realm of what could be construed as a toxic wasteland. Before you get a complete vision where you may be questioning if you, or I for that matter, have chosen the wrong or right career, allow me to explain myself…”

 Chapter 1: Vanity vs. Beauty :

“Let’s face it. We are in the business of Vanity. Or are we? Is that really true? I suppose it’s like anything else in life…perception...”

Chapter 2: Tools of the Professional :

“One of my favorite memories of my mother was her famous saying to me, “use your tools Jules”. That statement always helped remind me that, with the right tools, you can achieve just about anything…”

Chapter 3: Products of the Industry :

“With regards to the products of the hair industry, I am going to write out some information on certain products we all use as hairstylists. I am also going to talk a bit about traditional ammonia color vs. organic color. Lastly, I will give you a list of several cleansing products you can use to cleanse and restore your body…”

Chapter 4: How we carry ourselves :

“As hairstylists, we have to take a mighty look at the image we are portraying as a professional… 

“Before I go any further, it may be a good time to take a look at the variety of salon environments. This way you can determine how you can or dare I say, should “carry yourself” to get the best results in achieving your goal to become both spiritually and financially rich as a hairstylist.”

Chapter 5: The Numbers Game :

” And now…here comes the fun! I know some of you may be thinking of all the aspects of being a hairstylist, the business end of things may be the last thing you think is fun. But it is, it can be, and if you really want to be financially successful, it should be.

Chapter 6: Retail and Selling  :

 “I distinctly recall the first time I saw retail income on my check. It felt like it was a holiday and someone just gave me a gift. The difference between not having it and having it can make an immense difference. Not to mention how valuable you become to your client, and or an employer if you do work for one…”

Chapter 7: Education: Knowledge is Power…Or is it? :

“The point is that when I say knowledge is power, or perhaps it is not, I am referring to the stylist who could be so incredibly gifted that they forget that even the most “green” and simple stylist has something to share. So even a prodigal genius has the ability to learn something from another….

Shine as Love & Light,


4 Comments on “Extra ! Extra! Read all about it!!

  1. Thanks for all the insight, Jules; these chapters were very well-written! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  2. Congratulations jules! Look forward too reading your new book

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