LIVING: on a Budget!

Would you like to do the things you know will enhance your life and well-being, but feel it is too expensive? I used to think this way. I have always wanted to travel and to live a healthy lifestyle. I have always had the dilemma of having either the time and not the money or the money, but not the time. I had to figure out a way to combine the two. When I added up the cost and time involved with buying organic food, going to the gym, meditating, reading uplifting materials, having free time,etc. compared to my income, work schedule, maintaining a relationship, and keeping up with my home obligations, I realized I was going to have to make some sacrifices. This is when I decided to observe where my money and time was being spent. I knew I had to minimize my spending, maximize my income, and manage my time better. If you look at your bank statements you will clearly see what your priorities are. Where is your money being spent? Where would like it to be spent? I saw that a lot of money was being spent on gas and ¬†small purchases like coffee were adding up. I realized I could eat healthy for less money if I cut out all the chips and dips and snackies. I decided to drive more efficient routes, car pool when possible, and cut out unnecessary purchases. It adds up over time. Just cutting $10 a week adds up to over $500 in a year. That money could go towards taking a nice vacation. Start small. When you start cutting out small things and seeing the extra money in your bank you will be inspired to cut more. I think everyone should be doing the things they love. Decide what you really want and start prioritizing so that you can do it. I know that the urge to be a consumer can be very strong, but if you want to do the things you want and deserve, then you will have to overcome this urge. There will always be a new gadget and a Jones that will want you to keep up them; usually the joy you have with the purchase will be short lived and then the next “Big Thing” will arrive, and you will just have to have it. Instead, place value on your life and your experiences, not materials, and remember that you only live once. Be happy, smile, enjoy your friends and family, and make the Life you choose a priority.

“Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet”

Jared Repass~ My Body reboot

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