Dare to Bare….

…your feet. Taking off your shoes is such a liberating act and  its also extremely beneficial to your wellness. Shoes are unnatural and cause many problems and yet we still wear them. We do ourselves a great disservice by wearing these artificial feet smugglers. We are more prone to fungal issues such as athletes foot ; feet problems and a lot of other problems stem from the feet being out of position, which is caused by footwear. We also lose out on the benefit of connecting to earth and being grounded. Energy is absorbed through the feet as well as ultra violet rays from the sun, which provide fungicidal properties assisting in foot health. When will we prioritize health over fashion? Studies have shown that healthy development of the feet during childhood is important in preventing future feet problems as well as  back, knee, and hip issues. Going barefoot has the potential to protect the intervertebral discs from deformation and slipping. Our natural gait is restored by going barefoot. Also, going barefoot strengthens dozens of muscles, tendons and joints and restores part of the natural beauty and mobility of healthy feet. Going barefoot will also prevent vein problems such as varicose  veins and it just downright feels good. Why don’t you kick off those shoes and go for a walk outside.. Barefoot! Enjoy!

” Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet”

Jared Repass~ My Body Reboot

3 Comments on “Dare to Bare….

  1. I cannot thank you and Jules enough for this amazing blog! Keep up the great work!

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