Patience is quiet. It has been my experience that a passive composure is required to insure this most beneficial key in life. It’s having the ability of remaining in a state of constant tolerance. Even though it seem your world is falling down all around you. Patience will hold you safely like the warmest security blanket devoid of an inch of room for fear to sneak in. We breathe slower with patience, for we trust that if there is an obstacle in our moment it is sure to pass. Patience is a slow subtle movement that guides us like the softest wind uplifting you to a most unrestricted height in the dance of life. It is a gentle submission that allows us to see with our hearts even when our eyes are wide open. Obtaining this magnificent quality inherits great self reward. Peace and harmony are just two of the gifts that correspond in unity with patience in as much as is probably the most powerful of all : forgiveness. Forgiveness is the potential knowledge to release yourself and all others from any blame, by taking total responsibility for any situation that enters into your life. Whether it takes you to the heights of the most joyful bliss, where you can dance with the angels, or to the depths of despair drowning in doom and gloom, patience frees us. My father has a way of teaching me patience with a perpetual, yet gentle drill that has only five words: “Go slow, you see better.” Patience stills the chatter that deceives the reality of whatever is happening in your moment.

AFFIRMATION: I breathe deeply and slowly; I see safely and truly.

Shine as Light & Love,


2 Comments on “Patience

  1. Wonderful expression of something that is so hard for most of us to do.
    Loved this!

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