Real Man, Hug.

Real Man, hug. I make reference  to ‘Man”, as the human race.

The power of touch has been somewhat lost in the ever speeding lightning fast paced society that we live in. Technology has reduced the amount of human contact we have, as well as the use of computers and cell phones. We can shop online, use an ATM, find answers on the internet, and basically reduce the need to actually speak to or even see another person. Its kinda scary. It’s as if we are becoming robotic and losing our humanity. We have forgotten the value and need for interaction and touch with others. In the womb, touch is the first sense to develop. In old age, touch is the last thing to go. Humans must have touch in order to develop sound emotional, physical, and mental abilities. This of course assumes that the touch is appropriate and giving in nature.

Todays litigious world has made people more cautious and guarded in addition to all the broadcasting of negative touch in the headlines at the detriment of not getting one of the key elements needed to thrive and grow. The other day I told someone that  a friend of mine had requested that I do some energy healing work on her. His first response to me was to ask me if i would be actually touching her? That unless I am a massage therapist, I could not do that legally and could get sued. Hmmm. Well, first of all, I would not be directly touching her with this type of energy work, but if I did want to touch her hand or arm to inspire a sense of trust or comfort, I am sure her first thought would not be to grab her cell phone to dial her attorney. “My goodness”, I thought to myself. What has happened to us as a human race? It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to use loop holes to comfort each other. When did we become so fearful  that we have lost sight to share with one another, one of our most natural instincts…touch. It’s as if hugging or touching someone has become some kind a consiracy theory. “Why are you touching me or why are you standing so close to me?” What do you want from me?” If these questions enter into your mind, and unless you are standing next to a well known serial killer, I am going to venture to say, that there is a really good possiblity that you are in need of a hug.

I’m sorry, did I mention that I am Italian? We yell, we laugh, we eat, and we hug, “everybody”! well, within reason of course. 🙂

Its even a scientific fact  that the amount of body contact (touch) plays a vital role in people’s mental and physical development as infants and in our happiness as adults. It is suggested that human beings need four hugs a day for survival, eight hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth. Yes, so next time you are tempted to scream at your kids to “grow up”, just hug them 12 times instead. ha!

I challenge you today to hug are many strangers as you can…before you get punched out, slapped or maced. . LOL…just kidding.

 On a more serious note, just remember not to be so afraid to hug others, especially children and the elderly. And also remember that a hug a day really does keep the doctor away. And unless of course your doctor looks like Dr. Mc Steamy, and you are making excuses of why you need weekly Dr. visits for your so called ailments, just hug , hold, touch, slow dance…just do it! okay? Okay!

Shine as Light and Love,


2 Comments on “Real Man, Hug.

  1. I love this article. I love a good hug. I also love that everytime I leave your house you hug me before I leave. 🙂 Have a great weekend. I am gonna hug some people tomorrow!!! xoxoxo

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