Stress Management 101!

 No need to hit the PANIC button!

OK, so you things didn’t go as planned or expected. Is that a good reason to torture yourself. Stress is by far the most damaging youth and health robber out there. Prolonged exposure to stress will destroy you. I’m not sure when this whole ” I’m stressed” trend started, but its time to let this one go. Stress is an illusion! It is a fear based projection where the individual creates a story in their mind that says ” Oh my gosh, what if this, what if that, my car is broke, I’m broke and my mortgage is due and I have no job, whatever the dilemma may be it’s still going to be the same dilemma whether you are freaking out about it or not. Don’t waste your vital energy fretting about your hopeless situation. Just accept it and move on. Life goes on and you must too. Dust yourself off and try again. Like all things in life, prevention is the prefered method of dealing with stressful situations, just avoid them by being responsible and sensible. Improving your decision-making skills is highly advised. If you have bought into the ” I’m stressed” dogma. Here are some ways to cope, in no particular order. Enjoy.

1. Take a deep breath

Breathing will help your mind and body relax and also get much-needed oxygen to your brain.

2. Phone a friend

Similar to the” Who wants to be a millionaire”  option, you can call a friend to help you get through a problem.

3. Talk it over with yourself

Ask yourself questions and try to get to the root or find a solution to the problem.

4. Listen to music

Music will help you get your mind off what is bothering and will also elevate your mood. Try classical for some improved brain functioning.

5. Eat Better

Avoid fatty greasy foods. Instead, enjoy fresh fruits and veggies or perhaps some fish to help out with brain function.

6. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Release the happy hormones.

7. Have a “Teee” (English accent)

Tea is filled with antioxidants that will help combat the effects of stress.

8. Get a Massage

Relax, unwind and get things moving and flowing better. My favorite, but I’m a little biased being that I am massage therapist.

9. Good night sleep

Getting quality sleep is very important for brain function. Shut down TVs and computers an hour before shut-eye. Wind down with some reading. Sleep allows your body to recharge. Getcha some! Sleep that is.

10. Be Mindful

Take some time to smell the roses. Do some meditation or yoga. Allow mind to rest.

11. Exercise

Be physical. Exercise increases blood flow and reduces tension. Work that stress right out of your system.

4 Comments on “Stress Management 101!

    • The information is applicable to sore neck prevention as well. Make sure you stretch your neck in addition and drink plenty of hydrating liquids.

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